May 14 – 17, 2018
New Orleans
US/Central timezone

Poster Session Guidelines

At InterPore 2018 we have a number of continuing traditions as well as new features.

For all poster presenters:

  1. All posters will be displayed on all days – please attach your poster on Day 1.
  2. All posters are associated with a Minisumposium or General Session, and an essential part of that sessions content.
  3. You will be assigned a poster board location, which you are required to use. This will ensure that posters from your minisymposium or general session are grouped together and that someone can find your poster using the printed or electronic listings.
  4. Posters will be located in the main hall, along with coffee breaks, lunch, and exhibitors – the heart of the conference.
  5. Posters will be displayed on traditional poster boards (please bring a printed poster). Size guidelines are shown below.
  6. You should plan to be at your poster on the same day that the oral part of your Minisymposium is held.  On the other three days you can visit other posters.

Poster format:

  1. You will be allotted one-half of a 8ft wide by 4ft high poster board. We encourage you to format your poster for 36in wide x 48in high or to use A0 format (approx. 84cm wide by 119 cm high).
  2. We have recently learned that the poster boards have a metal border, making the usable space for pinning a poster equal to 45.5 in x 45.5 in (115.5cm x 115.5cm).  If your poster is either A0 or is 48” high, it will hang slightly below the poster board area.  Alternatively, you may wish to trim to accommodate the smaller size if possible.
  3. Thumb tacks will be provided on site.  
  4. We are unable to print posters on site.

Poster pitch presenters:

  1. Poster + 3 minute pitch presenters are entitled to display posters on the poster boards as well as a pitch.
  2. For those presenters with 3 minute pitches we recommend maximum of 2 slides.
  3. Please ensure you stay on time. We have a full program and any overruns mean other presenters will have less time. Electronic presentation timers will be used to help speakers and session chairs stay on time. Remember to leave time for questions.
  4. Please ensure your presentation is on our system prior to going to the room, presentations via USB or laptop cannot be accepted in the presentation room.
  5. Preferred slide layout is 16:9 aspect ratio
  6. Presentations should be named in the following format: sessionNumber_timeOfPresentation_lastNameOfPresenter (for example parallel5F_1455_wang.pptx). The session number and time can be found by searching for your name under the “speaker list” link on the website.
  7. You can upload your presentation before the conference or on site in the speaker-ready room.
  8. If you change your presentation, please re-upload it. The last file you upload will be used.
  9. Poster pitches are intended to serve as a bridge between the oral part and the poster part of a Minisymposium or General Session. Posters in a MS or GS will be located all together so that discussion can continue from the room of the oral sessions to the poster area.