14-17 May 2018
New Orleans
US/Central timezone

How to sink: impact of fluids in soil liquefaction during earthquakes, computation of critical acceleration.

16 May 2018, 18:30
New Orleans

New Orleans

Poster MS 3.10: From deformable porous media to frictional fluids Poster 3


Prof. Renaud Toussaint (CNRS, IPGS UMR 7516, University of Strasbourg)


Soil liquefaction is a significant natural hazard associated with earthquakes. Some of its devastating effects include tilting and sinking of buildings and bridges, and destruction of pipelines. Conventional geotechnical engineering assumes liquefaction occurs via elevated pore pressure. This assumption guides construction for seismically hazardous locations, yet evidence suggests that liquefaction strikes also under currently unpredicted conditions. We show, using theory, simulations and experiments, another mechanism for liquefaction in saturated soils, without high pore fluid pressure and without special soils, whereby liquefaction is controlled by buoyancy forces. This new mechanism enlarges the window of conditions under which liquefaction is predicted to occur, and may explain previously not
understood cases such as liquefaction in well-compacted soils, under drained conditions, repeated liquefaction cases, far-field liquefaction and the basics of sinking in quicksand. We next introduce viscous forces between grains and fluids, and examine how they modify the dynamics once liquefaction has been triggered.
These results may greatly impact hazard assessment and mitigation in seismically active areas.

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Primary authors

Cécile Clément (IPGS, Univ Strasbourg) Prof. Renaud Toussaint (CNRS, IPGS UMR 7516, University of Strasbourg) Einat Aharonov (Hebrew Univ Jerusalem) Shahar Ben Zeev (Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem, IPGS, Univ of Strasbourg) Liran Goren (Univ Ben Gurion Neguev) Stanislav Parez (Univ Prague) Laciel Alonso-Llanes (IPGS, Univ Strasbourg, Univ Havana) Ernesto Altshuler (Univ Havana) Alfo Batista (INSTEC Havana) Gustavo Sanchez (Univ Havana) Menka Stojanova (IPGS Univ Strasbourg) Mohammed Bousmaha (Univ Oran)

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