14-17 May 2018
New Orleans
US/Central timezone

Microvisual Studies of Fluid Flow in Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes

14 May 2018, 13:30
New Orleans

New Orleans

No preference GS 1: Fundamental theories of porous media Invited 1 (Room C) - Leonhard Ganzer


Prof. Leonhard Ganzer (Clausthal University of Technology)


The complex fluid flow processes occurring during EOR methods are difficult to implement in numerical modeling. Therefore, this presentation aims to share some light on experimental results from microfluidics studies conducted for various multi-phase fluid displacement processes with a focus on chemical EOR methods using brine, polymer-, alkaline- and surfactant-solutions. A wide range of important fluid-fluid and fluid-grain interactions can be observed and characterized using the visual outcomes of the experiments. Upscaling to continuum-scale reservoir simulation still poses challenges, but the microvisual studies can support these.
Applications ranging from water injection all the way to ultra-low interfacial tension surfactant displacement processes will be shown including some numerical simulation results of the experiments.

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Primary author

Prof. Leonhard Ganzer (Clausthal University of Technology)

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