May 6 – 10, 2019
Europe/Madrid timezone

Instructions for Presenters

You can find an offline version here.




General Rules for all presenters:

1. You will certainly wish to prepare some slides to support your oral presentation. Prepare your slides as a PowerPoint or PDF file. If possible, prepare your presentation with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

2. Files must be uploaded to Indico no later than Friday, May 3rd in order to allow technicians time to transfer them to corresponding computers. To do so, log into your Indico account; choose “InterPore2019 Valencia” under “Your event”; from the left-hand menu options select “MY CONTRIBUTIONS” under “MY CONFERENCE”; select the presentation for which you want to upload the file; at the “Presentation Materials” section, click on the pencil icon to upload your materials. If absolutely necessary, presentation files can be modified from computers in the Speaker-Ready room.

3. If you have any difficulties uploading your files, please contact and provide a clear description of the problem. If under exceptional circumstances you cannot upload your presentation file, you must deliver it to the Speaker-Ready room at least 2 hours prior to your presentation. Running presentations from files on a USB at presentation time will not be possible

4. Presentation files must be named in the following format: “SessionNumber_RoomAcronym_DayOfWeek_Time_LastNameofPresenter.”  For example, MS6_A3A_Monday_1433_Gomez.pdf

Acronyms as follows:

A1 - Auditorium 1
A2 - Auditorium 2
A3A - Auditorium 3A
A3B - Auditorium 3B
MP1 - Multipurpose room 1
R1 - Room 1
R2 - Room 2
R3 - Room 3
R6 - Room 6
R8 - Room 8

5. All presenters must go to the Speaker-Ready Room (clearly marked and located at the entrance of Auditorium 2) and ensure that their presentation file is uploaded and running properly.


Parallel session presentations:

The total time allocated to each speaker is 18 minutes. You should speak for 15 minutes and allow 3 minutes for questions and speaker turnover. Stay within the allocated time. This typically means you should not have more than 15 slides. Session chairs will give you a signal after 14 minutes, at which time you should start wrapping up your presentation. Give short answers to questions. 

There are a number of online sources on “good practices” for oral presentations. For example, there are some excellent tips and tricks you can find in this short video, long video, or this article.

Pitch presentations:

The total time allocated to each speaker is only 3 minutes. The idea is not to cram a 15-minute presentation into 3 minutes. You should have three slides: introducing the research question, short explanation of research methods, overview of results. Please prepare to go to the podium while the previous speaker is talking.

Here are some links for preparing a pitch presentation; see examples here and here.

Invited speakers:

The total time allocated to each speaker is 30 minutes. Limit your presentation to 25 minutes and allow at least five minutes for questions. Please give short answers to questions. If a longer answer is needed, invite them to talk to you during the break. Tell them where to find you.

Plenary speakers:

The total time allocated to each speaker is 40 minutes. Limit your presentation to 30 minutes and leave 10 minutes for questions. Please design your talk so that it introduces us to the broad challenges in your area of expertise and avoid giving details that a general audience cannot follow. Please give short answers to questions. If a longer answer is needed, invite them to talk to you during the break. Tell them where to find you.



1. The usable area on the poster boards is 95cm wide by 226 cm high. As a guide, an A0 (84.1 cm by 118.9 cm) portrait poster would have a golden proportion and fit nicely on the poster board.

2. There is no option to print posters on-site and there are no print shops nearby.

3. We have three poster sessions, denoted by sessions I, II, and III, on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of May, respectively. Posters can be put up in the morning and can be on display the entire day. Presenters of posters should be at their posters during the afternoon poster presentation session.

4. Please refer to the detailed program to find the date of your poster session. There you will also find your poster number. Affix your poster to the poster board bearing that number.

5. It is the responsibility of presenters to remove their posters after their poster session is over. Unclaimed posters will be removed by the organizers.

6. Posters will be attached by double-sided tape which will be provided on-site. No pins will be allowed.

7. Prepare all artwork in a size sufficient to be read at a distance of 1.5 meters (at least 24-point font - 0.9 cm height). Audio/Visual equipment is not provided for poster sessions.

8. For further information on preparing and printing your poster and for guidelines and tips on an effective presentation, please refer to the conference site or online here and here.



You have been selected as a session chair because you are a recognized authority in the subject. The most important task of a chair in a large congress such as InterPore is to keep order. Below is an overview of the rules.

  • Your role as session chair starts by getting familiar with the contents of your session prior to arriving at the conference. Think about potential questions that you could ask, in the event that time allows and no one puts forward any. Get to know the names and institutions of the speakers.
  • If you have co-chairs, discuss among each other before the session and decide on the distribution of tasks.
  • You should be in the designated room a few minutes in advance and try to determine whether all speakers are present. Also, make sure that all presentation files have been uploaded to the laptop present in the room. Presentations files should be named in the following format: “SessionNumber_RoomAcronym_DayOfWeek_Time_LastNameOfPresenter.” (For example, MS6_A3A_Monday_1433_Gomez.pdf.) There will be a technician from the Conference Center to help you.
  • At the session starting time, you should call the attention of the people in the room, remind them of which session they are in and start with the presentations.
  • When introducing speakers, simply give the abstract title plus the name and affiliation of the speaker and begin keeping time.
  • It is of paramount importance that timing is respected, for many reasons. There are several parallel sessions and we want to allow people to move between sessions without any surprise on whether a presentation has started or not. So, presentations must start at the times indicated in the program!
  • The authors already know that they have 15 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for questions, answers, and speaker turnover. There will be a yellow card at the table for you to signal the speaker 14 minutes after the start. The speaker should be politely, but firmly, asked to leave the floor at the 18-minute mark; no exceptions allowed. You do not want to appear to favour one speaker over another one by allowing anyone to go overtime.
  • During questions and answers, be vigilant and do not allow lengthy discussions. In such cases, invite the speaker and the member of the audience to continue the discussion during the breaks.
  • If the speaker goes over 15 minutes, leaving little time for Q&A, please announce that there is only time for a short question and answer; or move on to the next presentation without Q&A if there is no time left.
  • In the case of no-show contributions, do not use the time gap to extend the presentation time or the Q&A of the previous presentation. Also, do not move the next presentation forward. As a chair, you may want to bring some open topics for discussion, or even better, you may want to use a back-up presentation of your own on the session topic and present it to the audience.

The organization of InterPore thanks you for accepting the responsibility of being a session chair at Intepore2019 and asks you to please follow these rules. The success of the conference also depends on you.