May 22 – 25, 2023
Europe/London timezone

A (dual) network model for heat transfer in coupled porous media free flow systems

May 25, 2023, 9:30 AM
Oral Presentation (MS23) Special Session in honor of Signe Kjelstrup MS23


Rainer Helmig (University of Stuttgart)


Heat transfer processes and non-isothermal effects are found in many technical and environmental coupled porous-media free flow systems.
Prominent examples including two-phase flow range from fuel-cell water management
and food drying to soil evaporation and salinization. Modeling these types of systems is challenging due to the variety of length and time scales involved and the high physical complexity of the processes

In this work, we introduce a fully coupled, locally energy- and mass-conservative dual
network model for the simulation of heat transfer in realistic natural porous media, allowing the consideration of pore-local thermal non-equilibrium and structural heterogeneity coupled with a free flow system . Energy transfer in the dual network is modeled as a fully coupled processes using pore and grain-local heat transfer rules derived from the analysis of local idealized but spatially resolved problems and geometrical considerations. he solid space. Both porous media subdomains are simplified using the same model reduction technique commonly applied exclusively to the void space, where it is known as pore-network modelling.

Using selected examples, we will show the conditions under which
thermal non-equilibrium plays a role.


Weishaupt, K., R Helmig (2021). A Dynamic and Fully Implicit Non‐Isothermal, Two‐Phase, Two‐Component Pore‐Network Model Coupled to Single‐Phase Free Flow for the Pore‐Scale Description of Evaporation Processes. Water Resources Research 57 (4),

Weishaupt K., T Koch, R Helmig. (2022). A fully implicit coupled pore-network/free-flow model for the pore-scale simulation of drying processes. Drying Technology,

Koch, T.; Weishaupt, K.; Müller, J.; Weigand, B.; Helmig, R. (2021): A (Dual) Network Model for Heat Transfer in Porous Media. Transport in Porous Media, 1–35

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Primary author

Rainer Helmig (University of Stuttgart)


Dr Timo Koch (University of Oslo) Dr Martin Schneider (University of Stuttgart) Mrs Anna Mareike Kostelecky (University of Stuttgat) Prof. Helge Dahle (University of Bergen) Johannes Müller (University of Stuttgart) Bernhard Weigand (University of Stuttgart)

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