May 13 – 16, 2024
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Payments in Yuan

Participants are able to make registration payments in Yuan. The table of fees can be found below.

To make a payment in Yuan:

  1. Complete the registration form (for either in-person or online participation)
  2. Submit the registration
  3. Make note of the "Reference" number shown at the top of the "Summary" (The ref. # will also be shown in the email confirmation which you will receive.)
  4. Visit the payment app through the WeChat QR Code below
  5. Complete payment 
    IMPORTANT: Please indicate your Reference number in the payment
    • Your Reference number can also be found by clicking the "Proceed" button under My Registrations on the My Conference page
    • Note that payment may take several days to process

In-Person Fees

Membership typeEarly-bird fee5Regular Fee
Academic Members1,4¥4,965.-¥6,045.-
Academic Non-members2,4¥5,595.-¥6,950.-
Student Members1,3¥3,700.-¥4,420.-
Student Non-members2,3¥4,150.-¥4,965.-
Industry Members1 (SME6)¥5,865.-¥7,130.-
Industry Non-members² (SME6)¥6,950.-¥8,210.-
Industry Members1 (non-SME6)¥7,310.-¥8,750.-
Industry Non-members² (non-SME6)¥9,200.-¥11,095.-

Online Fees

Membership typeOnline Registration Fee
Academic Members1,4¥1,535.-
Academic Non-members2,4¥2,120.-
Student Members1,3¥995.-
Student Non-members2,3¥1,355.-
Industry Members1 (SME6)¥2,210.-
Industry Non-members² (SME6)¥3,025.-
Industry Members1 (non-SME6)¥2,890.-
Industry Non-members² (non-SME6)¥4,785.-