May 13 – 16, 2024
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Conference Grant Program

We are pleased to announce that InterPore Foundation for Porous Media Science and Technology (InterPore Foundation) would once again like to offer a number of conference grants to researchers from academic institutions from countries with low- or middle-income economies, as defined by the World Bank, and to graduate students.

In addition to paying the conference registration fees, the InterPore Foundation will provide up to €500 per recipient to go towards travel costs.

Applicants must have a presentation at the InterPore2024 conference and current InterPore membership.

Application package should include:

  • a copy of the CV and
  • a statement of justification of no more than 1 A4 page, explaining how a presentation in the conference will benefit the applicant's academic development and career.

Students need also to provide a letter of support from supervisor or head of department.

Please send the full application package to no later than Thursday, February 29th. 

The grants will be awarded based on applicants' academic attainment and quality of their research abstracts.


Help InterPore Foundation 

Please consider making a donation to InterPore Foundation in any amount to enable the participation of your fellow researchers.

Your generous support will help students and scientists, who would not otherwise be able to attend InterPore2024, gain experience and exposure and build their scientific network at an international conference. The number of grants we can provide is dependent on the donations of people like you

At InterPore2023, ten participants were offered a grant which included registration fees and contributions towards travel costs. This year our goal is to do even better! 

Below you can see quotes from a few of the grants recipients and how the donations made a true difference!

"The InterPore2023 conference grant provided me with a great opportunity to engage with top researchers in porous media and share my work with the community. Meeting and interacting with scientists from diverse fields was invaluable. I am confident that this network will enhance my future collaborations in the field, contributing to significant progress. I express my gratitude to the conference organizers for offering such grants and hope others can benefit from this opportunity as well."
-Jafar Qajar, Postdoctoral Researcher
InterPore2023 Conference Grant Recipient
"I am very grateful for the InterPore2023 conference grant, which gave me the opportunity to connect with other researchers, share my work, and learn more about different aspects of porous media. I appreciate InterPore’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion through programs like the conference grant and I am glad that students can benefit from this support. Thanks to the InterPore board and conference organisers for this initiative."
-Ayomikun Bello, PhD Student
InterPore2023 Conference Grant Recipient
"Attending InterPore 2023 in Edinburgh was a transformative experience, made possible by the generous grant I received. Presenting my work among experts in porous media was invaluable, providing insights into cutting-edge research and fostering connections. The interdisciplinary nature of the conference broadened my perspective, and the informal networking events facilitated cultural exchange. Grateful for this opportunity, I look forward to applying the knowledge gained to contribute to the advancement of porous media research."
-Sebastian Falcioni
InterPore2023 Conference Grant Recipient
"I am grateful to receive The InterPore2023 conference grant, as a turning point in my research on the subject of industrial decarbonization. It was a great motivation and built a confidence anchor for me and my team to initiate more projects on this subject throughout the year, lead students of different disciplines to perform integrated research on the subject and conduct academic workshops . According to my personal experience, the InterPore event is not only a conference, it is a multi-disciplinary and diverse platform for experts and scientists in porous media to be heard and collaborate."
- Hosna Talebian
InterPore2023 Conference Grant Recipient
"Receiving the conference grant for InterPore2023 was a pivotal moment in my academic journey. The diverse topics covered allowed me to delve deeply into porous media mechanisms, while the event's collaborative atmosphere enabled meaningful connections with colleagues from various universities. The grant not only enriched my academic understanding but also provided a platform for potential collaborations. Beyond the academic sphere, the chance to explore Edinburgh added a delightful dimension to the experience. I am sincerely grateful for the InterPore foundation's support, and I'm enthusiastic about contributing my testimony to the Conference Grants Donation drive. By sharing my positive experience, I hope to encourage others to support this crucial initiative and apply for the grant, ensuring that more students and scientists can benefit from the enriching opportunities provided by InterPore conferences.“
- Daniel Cartagena Pérez, Student, MSc. in Geotechnical Engineering 
InterPore2023 Conference Grant recipient
“The InterPore2023 conference grant allowed me to participate for the first time in this very important meeting. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about cutting-edge research on Porous Media. In addition, I could share with the community the capabilities using X-ray tomography at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory to further advance studies in this research area. As part of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee, it was a pleasure to be present at the plenary lecture and lunch event that we organized for the conference and see the community engaging in such relevant topics. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I hope this initiative can continue supporting students and scientists around the world. I look forward to participating in future InterPore conferences.”
-Talita Rosas Ferreira, Research Scientist at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (Sirius)
InterPore2023 Conference Grant Recipient
“Some policies in my home country restrict researchers from attending international conferences and events using national public funds. However, the feedback and insights provided by our peers in international conferences such as Interpore are key to creating fruitful international collaborations. I want to thank the Interpore Foundation for providing a grant for me to attend Interpore online (2023). This support has positively impacted my career and opened up possibilities for collaboration with world-renowned experts.”
-Rodrigo Salazar, InterPore2023 Conference Grant recipient
“I never had the opportunity to attend an InterPore conference before Edinburgh 2023. I’m grateful to the InterPore grant program for that. Besides the chance to present my research to other researchers who work in the same field as mine, I learned a lot from the several presentations performed during the conference. Indeed, the most important was to shake hands with authors who are references to my research. Face-to-face gives anyone the possibility to create bonds and new scientific collaborations.”
-Anderson Camargo Moreira, Postdoctoral researcher from Brazil
InterPore 2023 Conference grant recipient.
"The InterPore2023 conference provided me a great opportunity to network with research scholars who are working in the same field within the InterPore community with a positive impact in my academic connections and scientific career. Thank you very much for the kind of continuous support from InterPore Foundation for Conference Grants and I am looking forward to InterPore2024 at Qingdao, China!"
-Eduardo Abreu, InterPore2023 Conference Grant recipient