InterPore2020 to be held as online-only conference

The 12th Annual InterPore Meeting will be held for the first time in the digital realm. As an integral part of any conference, the ability to make new connections and build existing networks is one of our top priorities. This must also be met with a streamlined approach to presenting multiple sessions across various tracks. Our top goal is to provide a conference which informs and engages participants as much as any face-to-face meeting.

Join us for fascinating lectures, engage with fellow researchers from across the globe and discover cutting-edge exploration of porous media. 

We look forward to welcoming you online!

Topics and applications

  • Transport phenomena    
  • Swelling and shrinking porous media    
  • Multiphysics-multiphase flow    
  • Reservoir engineering    
  • Soil Mechanics and Engineering    
  • Geothermal energy    
  • CO2 sequestration    
  • Constitutive modeling    
  • Wave propagation    
  • Energy Storage    
  • Biotechnology
  • Biofilms
  • Thin and nanoscale poromechanics
  • Fuel cells and batteries
  • Food
  • Paper and textiles
  • Filters, foams, membranes
  • Fibers and composites
  • Ceramics and constructions materials
  • Other porous media applications

Event Management


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2. Accompanying Person Registration
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4.1 Invited Short Course #A Multiphase Flow in Permeable Media: A Pore-Scale Perspective
4.2 Invited Short Course #B Capillarity in Porous Media at Different Scales
5.1 Short Course #1 Nano and Micro-Particle Interaction with, and Transport through, Saturated Granular Media, using Free Multiscale MATLab Software by and for Academics (Parti-Suite)
5.2 Short Course #2 Microfluidics: Experimental approaches in multi-phase flow and transport processes in porous media
5.3 Short Course #3 Flow rate dependency and energy efficiency of steady-state two-phase flow in porous media
5.4 Short Course #4 State-of-the-art image data processing, exploration and analysis features within an intuitive workflow and easy-to-use graphical interface allowing cutting-edge exploration of porous media.
5.5 Short Course #5 Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics® and Porous Media Flow Modeling
The agenda of this meeting is empty