Oct 27 – 28, 2023
Africa/Accra timezone


Special Topic: Mining activities in Africa, mining waste management

The West Africa InterPore Chapter (WAIC), a national chapter of the International Society for Porous Media (InterPore), was founded in October 2022 by researchers from West African countries. The aims of the chapter are to connect West African scientists, engineers, and lecturers working in the field of porous media with each other and with the InterPore community; help improve the international visibility of West Africans in the field of porous media and promote the mobility of young researchers as it pertains to international conferences or research-exchange programmes.

For the first edition of its annual meeting, WAIC invites researchers and industry professionals to submit abstracts for the upcoming symposium. This symposium aims to address the pressing challenges associated with mining activities in Africa, particularly the critical issue of mining waste management. 

Mining operations in Africa face significant environmental and health concerns due to improper disposal and containment of mining waste. The contamination of soil, water bodies, and ecosystems poses serious risks to biodiversity and local communities. 

Porous media research and engineering offer valuable solutions to tackle these challenges. By studying the behavior of fluids and contaminants in porous materials, researchers can contribute to developing innovative waste management strategies. This includes the design of effective containment systems, the development of pollutant capture and treatment methods, and the optimization of porous media for filtration and remediation processes. 

This symposium aims to foster interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations among researchers, engineers, and industry stakeholders to explore the latest advancements and potential applications of porous media science and engineering in the context of mining waste management. 

We welcome abstracts that address topics such as 

  • Porous media characterization
  • Transport phenomena
  • Reservoir engineering 
  • Soil mechanics and engineering
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Multiphysics & multiphase flow modeling
  • Contaminant transport analysis
  • Waste containment and remediation strategies
  • Sustainable mining practices
  • Social and environmental impacts of mining activities
  • Process engineering 
  • Other porous media applications

Join us in sharing expertise, research findings, and innovative ideas to address the challenges of mining activities in Africa and contribute to sustainable mining practices through porous media research and engineering. Together, let's strive for a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible mining industry.