24-29 May 2020
Asia/Shanghai timezone


1. Mount Lao

Mount Lao (Laoshan) is the cradle of Taoism and known in traditional Qingdao folklore as the home of immortals. It is famous for its marvelous location near the sea and the many scenic views which it offers, as well as for its religious history. Soaring over 1000 meters above sea level, Mount Lao is dotted with green tea terraces at lower elevations that produce some of China’s finest teas. The mountain is also home to several temples, including Taiqing Palace, the oldest and largest Taoist temple in China. When you stroll on Mt. Laoshan's blue flagstone alley, surrounded by the green and luxuriant pines, gaze out at the blue sky watching the waves below striking the shore, you will feel inspired and extremely at peace.


2. Badaguan

The Badaguan is a beautiful shore-lined neighborhood developed at the turn of the 20th century as a residential area for the Germans when Qingdao was a German colony. Each street is lined with a single species of tree and many street names are colloquially known by the trees that line them. More than 200 villas built in a variety of European architectural styles are scattered among the flora and fauna in this area, so it is also known as an “Architectural Fair of All Nations.”


3. Golden Beach

Golden Beach, known as the “The Most Beautiful Beach in Asia”, is located on the northern coast of the Yellow Sea. The crystal clear seawater and the beach with fine sand illustrate its name. May is the best time to go to the beach. It’s really relaxing to enjoy some fresh seafood and a glass of beer with the ocean breeze.


4. The Qingdao Zoo

Located not far from the conference center, the Qingdao Zoo is where you can find all kinds of animals from all around the world, most popularly, the Chinese national treasure-the giant panda. They are extremely cute with their chubby bodies, black eyes and voracious appetite for bamboo. If you are interested in seeing the pandas, it's best to avoid visiting at noon when they are most likely to be sleeping!


5. Tsingtao Beer Museum

Do you enjoy a cool beer on a hot summer day? Qingdao is the place for you! On "Beer Street" you will find the Tsingtao Beer Museum at the home of Qingdao's most famous brewery.  Home to the only beer museum in China, sample brews as you learn about the history and the manufacturing process of the Chinese beer industry and Tsingtao beer. 


6.  Xiaoyu Hill

Xiaoyu Hill is built in the Chinese classical style with a park named after Yu-Hill on the hill top. The designers and architects made the best of the local landscape and their imagination in laying out the park. The 18-metre-high three-story and eight-cornered "seeing waves tower” bears an inscription by Wu Zuoren, a famous calligraphist. On the tower one can have full view of the Zhanqiao Pier, Little Qingdao Isle, Lu Xun Park and Badaguan Scenic Area.


7. May Fourth Square

The May Fourth Square is one of the city’s most important landmarks, not only due to the events that are held there, but also due to its unique sculpture called “the Wind of May”. The area is decorated with statues and springs and surrounded by pine trees, meadows and flowers. It has become the symbol of modern Qingdao. We really suggest you come here in the evening. If you are lucky, you can catch a spectacular light show.


8. Qingdao Pier or Zhanqiao Pier

Built in 1892, Qingdao Pier was the earliest artificial dock for military use. Standing at the end of the pier you will find "Huilan House", a two-floor octagon pavilion covered with colored glazed tiles and supported by 24 red-painted pillars. When night falls, the colorfully decorated lights are turned on, glorifying the bridge.


9. Olympic Sailing Center

Qingdao is known as "the capital of sailing boats". As a scenic spot which best reflects the characteristics and image of Qingdao city, the Olympic Sailing Center Scenic Spot offers mountain and sea views. It was the venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Sailing Competition and the 29th Paralympic Sailing Competition. The Olympic Sailing Center is the only "national coastal tourism leisure demonstration area" in China and it is a must-see scenic spot for tourists in Qingdao.


10. Qingdao Naval Museum

Built in 1988, Qingdao Naval Museum is the only military museum in China that fully reflects the development of the Chinese navy. The 4,000 square meter museum is now one of the National Patriotic Education Demonstration Bases and is home to 800 exhibition articles. 


More information:  https://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/shandong/qingdao/

The following is the English -Chinese translation of the above attractions, so that you can ask the locals for directions.

English name Chinese name
Mount Lao 崂山
Badaguan 八大关
Golden Beach 金沙滩
The Qingdao Zoo 青岛动物园
Tsingtao Beer Museum 青岛啤酒博物馆
Xiaoyu Hill 小鱼山
May Fourth Square 五四广场
Qingdao Pier or Zhanqiao Pier 青岛栈桥
Olympic Sailing Center 青岛奥帆中心
Qingdao Naval Museum 青岛海军博物馆