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from Monday, 14 May 2018 (00:00) to Thursday, 17 May 2018 (23:56)
New Orleans

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14 May 2018
15 May 2018
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17 May 2018
test 3 (until 08:00) ()
07:00 testing program 2   ()
Plenary 1 - Chunshan Song (until 09:30) ()
Parallel 1-A (until 12:30) ()
09:45 Modeling CO2 Storage in Fractured Reservoirs: Fracture-Matrix Interactions of Supercritical and Dissolved CO2 - Quanlin ZHOU (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
10:05 The impact of drainage displacement patterns and Haines jumps on CO2 storage efficiency - Dr Ioannis Zacharoudiou (Imperial College London)   ()
10:23 Modeling the dissolution-driven convection as a Rayleigh-Benard problem - Prof. Layachi Hadji (The University of Alabama)   ()
10:39 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Vertically-Integrated Dual-Continuum Models for CO2 Injection in Fractured Saline Aquifers - Yiheng Tao (Princeton University)   ()
11:18 Modification of wettability and interfacial tension by biosurfactant-producing bacteria for geologic carbon storage - Mr Taehyung Park (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST))   ()
11:36 The impact of heterogeneity on the flow and trapping of CO2 in target UK aquifers - Samuel Jackson (Imperial College London)   ()
11:54 Adaptive hybrid multilayer model coupling vertically-integrated and full multi-dimensional models for geological CO2 storage - Tianyuan Zheng (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research)   ()
12:12 Quantitative measurements of partial saturations in Brine-CO2 saturated Rocks at pore scale - Amir Ghaderi (SINTEF Petroleum Research)   ()
Parallel 1-B (until 12:30) ()
09:47 Experimental Studies on the Hydraulic Effects of Fungal-Mycelia in Sandy Soil - Mr Emmanuel Salifu (University of Strathclyde Glasgow and Università di Napoli Federico II, Napoli)   ()
10:05 Seismic monitoring of biopolymer accumulation and permeability reduction in sands - Dong-Hwa Noh   ()
10:23 Optimization of Treatment Techniques for Up-scaling of Stimulated Ureolytic Microbially-Induced Calcite Precipitation - Ms Alexandra C.M. San Pablo (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis)   ()
10:39 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Optimizing field-scale MICP with multi-scale micro-continuum OpenFOAM modeling - James Minto (University of Strathclyde)   ()
11:18 Microbially Induced Desaturation and Precipitation (MIDP) via Denitrification during Centrifugal Loading - Caitlyn Hall   ()
11:36 Pore Scale Simulation of Biogenic Gas Formation and Migration in Porous Media - Dr Nariman Mahabadi (Arizona State University)   ()
11:54 'Microbial Mortar’- restoration of degraded marble structures with microbially induced carbonate precipitation - Prof. Rebecca Lunn (University of Strathclyde)   ()
12:12 High Phylogenetic and Physiological Diversity of Ureolytic Bacteria in Native Soils Bio-stimulated for MICP - Mr Charles M.R. Graddy (University of California, Davis)   ()
Parallel 1-C (until 12:30) ()
09:47 Mechanisms Limiting Plugging of Near-Borehole Cracks with Bentonite - Dr Andrew Bunger (University of Pittsburgh)   ()
10:05 --- Empty oral slot ---
10:23 Self-healing cementitious blends with pozzolanic materials for subterranean applications - Dr Tatiana Pyatina (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   ()
10:39 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Lessons learned in the North Sea: Closing the gaps in permanent well plugging - Dr Malin Torsater (SINTEF)   ()
11:18 An overview of mathematical, physical and computational challenges in chemical enhanced oil recovery - Prabir Daripa (Texas A&M University)   ()
11:36 EM heating stimulated water flooding for oil recovery - Grigori Chapiro (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora)   ()
11:54 --- Empty oral slot ---
12:12 --- Empty oral slot ---
Parallel 1-D (until 12:30) ()
09:47 Mogno – a high-throughput micro and nanotomography beamline at Sirius, the new Brazilian Synchrotron Ligth Source - Dr Nathaly Lopes Archilha (CNPEM)   ()
10:05 Tomographic PIV of low to high Re flow through well-ordered porous media - Dr Sofia Larsson (Fluid mechanics, Luleå University of Technology)   ()
10:23 Modelling of advective and capillary flows in sandstone cores during the injection of supercritical CO2 - Mohamed AZAROUAL (BRGM - ISTO)   ()
10:39 --- Coffee break ---
11:18 Determining the effective surface area of minerals in consolidated sediments - Prof. Ralf R. Haese (The University of Melbourne)   ()
11:36 Effect of pore water in rock on cryogenic thermal-shock cracking behaviors - Prof. Minsu Cha (Texas A&M University)   ()
11:54 Morphological Evolution of Invading Fluids under Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wetting Conditions - Mr Weiwei Li (Saarland university/MPIDS)   ()
12:12 Particle size distribution match optimization by a superposition method for artificial core synthesis - Dr Joseph Fu (China University of Petroleum (Beijing))   ()
Parallel 1-E (until 12:30) ()
09:47 Use of molecular simulations to fit EOS in confined space in order to perform large scale tight oil and shale gas reservoir simulations - Nicolas Sobecki (IFPEN)   ()
10:05 Storage and recovery of multi-component mixtures in single shale pores - Prof. Rui Qiao (Virginia Tech)   ()
10:23 Molecular dynamics study of the occurrence states of gas-water mixtures near the organic solid in shale reservoirs - Mr Zheng Li (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
10:39 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 An Image-based Micro-continuum Pore-scale Model for Gas Transport in Organic-rich Shale - Bo Guo (Stanford University)   ()
11:18 Efficient molecular simulations of binary gas mixture transport in slit nanopores - Dr Tianhao Wu (Reservoir Engineering Research Institute (RERI))   ()
11:36 Effects of Composition on Canister Desorption Behavior of Upper Paleozoic Shales in the Ordos Basin, NW China - Mr Fengyang Xiong (School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University)   ()
11:54 Sorption of Methane and Carbon Dioxide in Type II-A Kerogen Rough Slit Nanopores by Molecular Simulations - Dr Stephane TESSON (Reservoir Engineering Research Institute (RERI) & University of California Riverside (UCR))   ()
12:12 --- Empty oral slot ---
Parallel 1-F (until 12:30) ()
09:47 Modeling Wettability Alteration Induced by Asphaltene and Fluid Behaviors at the Interface - Dr Jiajun He (Shell Int. E&P)   ()
10:05 Droplet impact and penetration on porous stones - Dominique Derome (Empa)   ()
10:23 Surfaces of hyperbolic-parabolic transition in the problem of flow with variable number of phases through porous media - Mikhail Panfilov (Institut Elie Cartan - Université de Lorraine & Institut d'Alembert - Sorbonne Universités )   ()
10:39 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Is Ostwald Ripening Important in CO2 Geological Sequestration? A Micromodel Study of Bubble Repining Dynamics - Ke Xu (University of Texas at Austin)   ()
11:18 Average velocity profile in a channel partially filled with a porous medium - J. Alberto Ochoa-Tapia (Universidad Autonoma)   ()
11:36 Numerical simulation of wicking in porous media - Mr Dawid Zimnik   ()
11:54 Application of Sharp- and Diffuse-Front Models for Predicting Mass Gain and Saturation in Fibrous Wicks - Mohammad Amin Faghihi Zarandi (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)   ()
12:12 Wicking in the porous pore doublet model - Staffan Lundström (Fluid Mechanics, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)   ()
Parallel 1-G (until 12:30) ()
09:47 Seepage properties of pore-fractured porous media by fractal analysis - Prof. Boming Yu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)   ()
10:05 Pore-scale modelling of multiphase flow in porous media: considering wettability and disordered microstructure - Dr Yixiang Gan (The University of Sydney)   ()
10:23 Comparative Study on Nano-scale Pore Heterogeneities of Marine and Lacustrine Shales by Multifractal analysis - Mr Xiaofei Hu (1, College of Energy, Chengdu University of Technology. 2, School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta.)   ()
10:39 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Study on Percolation Model of Fractured Horizontal Wells in Fractal Tight Oil Reservoirs - Prof. Yuetian Liu (State key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Engineering, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China) Mr Junqiang Wang (State key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Engineering, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China) Mr Rukuan Chai (State key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Engineering, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China)   ()
11:18 --- Empty oral slot ---
11:36 --- Empty oral slot ---
11:54 --- Empty oral slot ---
12:12 --- Empty oral slot ---
Parallel 1-H (until 12:30) ()
09:47 Pore-scale Simulation of Residual Trapping of Supercritical CO2 via Cyclic Injections - Yu Chen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   ()
10:05 Coupling Numerical Modelling with Flow Experiment to Optimize Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices for Porous Media Applications - Dr Amir Jahanbakhsh (Research Centre for Carbon Solutions (RCCS), School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University)   ()
10:23 Advances in reconstruction and analysis of fast dynamic in situ micro-CT data - Dr Marijn Boone (XRE)   ()
10:39 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Study of the Water Saturation on a PEM Fuel Cell Cathode GDL Using a Modified Buckley Leveret Method - Karrar Alofari   ()
11:18 Dynamic phase connectivity in pore-network models - Mr Dmytro Petrovskyy (Heriot-Watt University)   ()
11:36 Quasi-static pore network modeling, revisited: a pore scale data-driven approach to investigate simulation correctness - Dr Tom Bultreys (Imperial College London)   ()
11:54 Investigating Capillary Pressure Behavior in Mudrocks through Grain Scale Modeling - Mr Abhishek Bihani (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
12:12 Stabilization of immiscible displacement in fractures by controlling aperture variability and wettability - Prof. Zhibing Yang (Wuhan University)   ()
Plenary 2 - Sarah Codd (until 09:15) ()
Parallel 3-A (until 10:44) ()
09:32 Methane Migration in Water Saturated Formations --- Applications to CO2 Sequestration and Groundwater Contamination from Leaky Natural Gas Wells - Prof. Joachim Moortgat (The Ohio State University)   ()
09:50 Robust algorithms for stability analysis and flash calculation of reservoir fluids at constant moles, volume and temperature - Shuyu Sun (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST))   ()
10:08 Analysis of enhanced gas transport in fractured rock due to barometric pressure variations - John Ortiz (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Earth and Environmental Sciences Division)   ()
10:26 Multiphase Flow and Underpressured Shale at the Bruce nuclear site, Ontario, Canada - Michael Plampin (U.S. Geological Survey)   ()
Parallel 3-B (until 10:44) ()
09:32 Filter media design for Dust Holding Capacity by computer simulations - Sven Linden (Math2Market GmbH)   ()
09:50 Membrane morphology and topology: Fouling control in filtration systems - Mr Bowen Ling (Stanford University)   ()
10:08 Comparative simulation of reactive flow in catalytic filter using 3D pore-scale model on CT image and 1D effective model - Prof. Oleg Illiev (Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany )   ()
10:26 Influence of the microstructure of non-woven media on filtration performance at different operational regimes. - Dr G. Printsypar (University of Oxford)   ()
Parallel 3-C (until 10:44) ()
09:32 A Practical Scale-Up Workflow for Numerical Simulation of Post-CHOPS (Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand) Solvent-Aided Processes - Dr Juliana Leung (University of Alberta)   ()
09:50 Transport of Bitumen as Water-External Emulsion in Porous Media - Mr Kai Sheng (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
10:08 On Determining the Onset of Asphalt Precipitation using Electrical Conductivity Measurements - Prof. Muhammad Sahimi (University of Southern California)   ()
10:26 Microfluidics for Solvent-based Bitumen Recovery: Pore-Scale and Fluid Property Measurements - Mr ZhenBang Qi (Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Institute for Sustainable Energy, University of Toronto)   ()
Parallel 3-D (until 10:44) ()
09:32 From Images to Rock Properties - Arash Aghaei (Thermo Fisher Scientific)   ()
09:50 Multi-scale 3D pore network characterization of building materials - Dr Steven Claes (KULeuven - Department of Civil Engineering - Building Physics Section )   ()
10:08 X-ray microtomography imaging of abiotic carbonate precipitation in sands and its effect on permeability of sands - Mr Seung-Hun Baek (KAIST)   ()
10:26 Characterizing porous media using experiments and image analysis via maximal inscribed spheres maps - Rafael Salazar-Tio (Chevron)   ()
Parallel 3-E (until 10:44) ()
09:32 Respective contributions of adsorption, surface and bulk confined diffusion in molecular transport in nanoporous materials - Pierre Levitz (CNRS)   ()
09:50 Structural Characterization of Complex Fluids in Nanopores by SANS: From Surfactant Solutions to Microemulsions - Prof. Gerhard Findenegg (Technical University Berlin)   ()
10:08 Properties of Water Confined in Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas: Nanoimprinting the Local Structure - Prof. Michael Fröba (University of Hamburg)   ()
10:26 Adsorption induced transformations of methane adsorbed in MOF-5 - Prof. Bogdan Kuchta (Aix-Marseille University)   ()
Parallel 3-F (until 10:44) ()
09:32 Transport of deformable polymer particle gels in heterogeneous porous media by IB-LBM simulation - Dr Wenhai Lei (Department of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University)   ()
09:50 Numerical Simulation of Nanoparticle effects on Multi-phase System Dynamics - Prof. Steven Bryant (Professor)   ()
10:08 Using Nanofluids to Control Fines Migration for Oil Recovery: Nanofluids Co-injection and Nanofluids Pre-flush - Dr Bin Yuan (University of Calgary (previous at University of Oklahoma)))   ()
10:26 Micromodel study of low salinity water flood and wettability alteration - Ms YUJING DU (University of Texas at Austin)   ()
Parallel 3-G (until 10:44) ()
09:32 Novel finite-volume methods for anisotropic linear elasticity and poromechanics problems with full tensors - Prof. Hamdi Tchelepi (Stanford University)   ()
09:50 Higher order multipoint flux mixed finite element methods on quadrilaterals and hexahedra - Ivan Yotov (University of Pittsburgh)   ()
10:08 Modeling of Additional Oil Recovery Processes by Low Salinity Water Injection using the Open Source Software Platform DUNE-DUMUX - Dr Martin A. Diaz-Viera (INSTITUTO MEXICANO DEL PETROLEO)   ()
10:26 Multiresolution Coupled Compositional Vertical Equilibrium Model for Fast Flexible Simulation of CO2 Storage - Dr Olav Møyner (SINTEF, NTNU)   ()
Parallel 3-H (until 10:44) ()
09:32 Dynamical Capillary Network Model Built On Molecular Level Simulation at the Pore Scale - Dr Ronaldo Giro (IBM Research)   ()
09:50 Wettability and Quasi-Static Fluid-Fluid Displacement in Micromodels - Bauyrzhan Primkulov (MIT)   ()
10:08 POROUS MEDIA INVESTIGATION USING DUAL NETWORK MODELS - Mr Zohaib Atiq Khan (University of Waterloo,ON,Canada)   ()
10:26 Advances in the modelling of void clusters and transient wettability - Prof. GPeter Matthews (University of Plymouth)   ()
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
Parallel 4-A (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Mathematical model of kinetic mass transfer and transport of CO2 in shallow subsurface - Jakub Solovský (FNSPE, CTU in Prague)   ()
11:35 Sensitivity of bare non-vegetated soil moisture dynamic simulations to prescribed soil-atmosphere interface boundary condition forcings - Dr Tissa Illangasekare (Colorado School of Mines)   ()
11:53 Unified presentation and comparison of various formulations of the phase stability and phase equilibrium calculation problems - Tomáš Smejkal   ()
12:11 Novel bio-organoclay composites designed to seal leaking wellbores - Andres Clarens (University of Virginia)   ()
12:29 --- Empty oral slot ---
Parallel 4-B (until 12:45) ()
11:17 --- Empty oral slot ---
11:35 --- Empty oral slot ---
11:53 --- Empty oral slot ---
12:11 On the macroscopic momentum balance equation for the fluid-fluid interfaces in two-phase porous media flows - Michele Starnoni (University of Bergen)   ()
12:29 Hydromechanical couplings in multiphase granular systems: recent advances and perspectives - Dr Bruno Chareyre (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, 3SR lab. - France)   ()
Parallel 4-C (until 12:45) ()
11:17 --- Empty oral slot ---
11:35 --- Empty oral slot ---
11:53 Reactive Alteration of Rough-Walled Fractures in Gradient and Kinetic Regimes with Applications - Prof. Harihar Rajaram (University of Colorado, Boulder)   ()
12:11 Collapse of chemically altered porous surface decreases fracture permeability, frictional strength and stability - Kasparas Spokas (Princeton University)   ()
12:29 The Effects of Chemomechanical Processes on Limestone Weathering Rates - Lawrence Anovitz (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   ()
Parallel 4-D (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Bridging Micro and Nano Scales in Fuel Cell Electrodes Using Multi-modal Imaging and Scale-Bridging Modeling - Jiangjin Liu (Tufts University)   ()
11:35 Maximising information on mudrock microstructure through high-resolution scanning electron microscopy - Mr Shereef Bankole (Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom)   ()
11:53 Correlative microscopy approach to mix different scales in the porous dentin material - Dr Elsa Vennat (CentraleSupelec)   ()
12:11 A Unified Viscous-Diffusion Layered Model of Non-ideal Rarefied Gas Flow in Micro- and Nanoscale Porous Media - Mr Di Chai (University of Kansas)   ()
12:29 Manual and Automated In Situ Contact Angle Measurements of scCO2 and Brine in Sandstone Cores Using Micro-CT Imaging - A Correlation to Pore Connectivity - Laura Dalton (U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory)   ()
Parallel 4-E (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Non-uniform density of gas confined in nanopores. - Lucyna Firlej (University of Montpellier, France)   ()
11:35 Measuring and Modelling Supercritical Gas Adsorption in Clay Minerals and Shales - Ronny Pini (Imperial College London)   ()
11:53 Impact of CO2 Injection on Condensates Recovery from Shale Organic Nanostructures - Mr SEUNGHWAN BAEK (Petroleum engineering, Texas A&M University)   ()
12:11 Anomalous thermal expansion of water in clays - Laurent Brochard   ()
12:29 Enhanced Oil Recovery Strategies in nanofluidics Relevant to Tight Oil Reservoirs - Mr Lining Xu (University of Toronto, Sintonlab)   ()
Parallel 4-F (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Numerical recipes for problems involving highly contrasted capillary pressures - Konstantin Brenner (LJAD, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis)   ()
11:35 Adaptive Mesh Refinement with the Enhanced Velocity Mixed Finite Element Method for Multiphase Flow - Benjamin Ganis (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
11:53 Nonlinear Safeguarding for Complex Physics; Search-less Line-search - Rami Younis (University of Tulsa)   ()
12:11 Vanishing artificial capillary pressure as a mechanism to accelerate convergence - Pablo Salinas (Imperial College London)   ()
12:29 Homotopy Continuation Method based on Dissipation Operator for Coupled Multiphase Flow and Transport in Porous Media - Dr Jiamin Jiang (Stanford University)   ()
Parallel 4-G (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Multiresolution Operator Decomposition for Flow Simulation in Fractured Porous Media - Dr Qingfu Zhang (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
11:35 The influence of Capillary Trapping on Dynamic CO2 Storage Capacity and Long Term Storage Integrity - Muhammad Zulqarnain (Louisiana State University)   ()
11:53 A novel transient diffuse source algorithm for multiscale simulation in porous media - Krishna Nunna (Texas A&M University)   ()
12:11 Adaptive Online Multiscale Model Reduction for Heterogeneous Problems in Perforated Domains - Yating Wang (Texas A&M University)   ()
12:29 --- Empty oral slot ---
Parallel 4-H (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Wettability control on multiphase flow in porous media: A benchmark study on current pore-scale modeling approaches - Ruben Juanes (MIT)   ()
11:35 Dissolution patterns and rates in a heterogeneous limestone studied by using a multicomponent reactive transport model at the pore scale - Mr Apoorv Jyoti (PhD Student)   ()
11:53 Pore-Scale Simulation of Wormhole Formation in Carbonate Rocks - Dr Farrel Gray (Imperial College London)   ()
12:11 Pore-scale modeling of hydraulic fracture - Dr Zhiqiang Chen (Tsinghua University Department of Engineering Mechanics )   ()
12:29 Direct pore-scale two-phase transport simulation with interface transfer - Julien Maes (Heriot-Watt University)   ()
Plenary 3 - Uwe Beuscher (until 09:15) ()
Parallel 6-A (until 10:45) ()
09:32 On an evolving non-isothermal reactive upscaled model in a porous medium - Dr Kundan Kumar (University of Bergen)   ()
09:50 Upscaling of two-phase flow in porous media with free boundary at the pore scale. - Mrs Sohely Sharmin   ()
10:08 Upscaling of coupled geomechanics, flow, and heat, in a poroelastic medium in the quasi-static situation - Mats Brun (University of Bergen)   ()
10:26 Phase field formulations for reactive two-phase flow - Carina Bringedal (Hasselt University)   ()
Parallel 6-B (until 10:45) ()
09:32 --- Empty oral slot ---
09:50 --- Empty oral slot ---
10:08 --- Empty oral slot ---
10:26 --- Empty oral slot ---
Parallel 6-C (until 10:45) ()
09:32 Impact of Fluid-Driven Subcritical Crack Growth on Hydraulic Fracture Initiation and Growth - Dr Andrew Bunger (University of Pittsburgh)   ()
09:50 CFD-DEM Modeling of Fracture Initiation Induced by Fluid Injection - Zhuang Sun (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
10:08 Coupled chemo-mechanical fracture of silica in aqueous solutions - Louise Criscenti (Sandia National Laboratories)   ()
10:26 Dilation by Polymer Injection Enhanced SAGD Start-up Process in Oil Sands Project: Pilot Test and Numerical Simulation - Mr Guangyue Liang (Guangyue Liang, Shangqi Liu, Yang Liu, Yanyan Luo, Bin Han, Jixin Huang, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, CNPC)   ()
Parallel 6-D (until 10:45) ()
09:32 Multiphase flow in shale fracture networks applicable to hydrocarbon recovery processes: huff-and-puff, water displacement, and chemical additives using microfluidic experiments - Phong Nguyen (Los Alamos National Lab)   ()
09:50 Impacts of Controlled Surface Roughness on Fluid Trapping in Glass Micromodels: Implications for Subsurface Multiphase Flow - Ayaz Mehmani (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
10:08 Using Micromodels to Study Heavy Oil Displacement by Foam - Mr Eric Vavra (Rice University)   ()
10:26 Recovery of Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL) from porous media using food grade amphiphiles. - Chike Ezeh (Tulane University)   ()
Parallel 6-E (until 10:45) ()
09:32 An ultrasonic study on density and elastic properties of nanoconfined argon - Prof. Rolf Pelster (Saarland University, Department of Physics)   ()
09:50 Colloidal Crystals for Photonic Detection of Fluid Phenomena in Nanoporous Systems - Dr Francisco Gallego-Gómez (Institute of Materials Science of Madrid, CSIC, Spain)   ()
10:08 Segmentation and Flow Characterization of Block Copolymer Ultrafiltration Membranes - M. Sadegh Riasi (University of Cincinnati)   ()
10:26 Gassmann Equation for Nanoporous Media - Dr Gennady Gor (New Jersey Institute of Technology)   ()
Parallel 6-F (until 10:45) ()
09:32 Discrete-continuum multiscale model for evolving microaggregates in porous media - Andreas Rupp (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg)   ()
09:50 New trends in Vortex Methods for reactive flows - Prof. Philippe Poncet (University Pau & Pays Adour, France)   ()
10:08 Pore-scale simulation of kinetic calcite pore cement dissolution in a µCT sandstone sample - Mr Christian Hinz (University of Mainz, Institute for Geosciences)   ()
10:26 Permeability evolution of thermo-mechanically coupled granite - Dr Zijun Feng   ()
Parallel 6-G (until 10:45) ()
09:32 Effective Models of Flow in Vuggy Carbonate Reservoirs - Dr Mojdeh Rasoulzadeh (University of Alabama)   ()
09:50 Relations between seepage velocities in immiscible two-phase flow in porous media - Alex Hansen (NTNU)   ()
10:08 A nonlinear asymptotic model for the inertial flow at the interface of a permeable medium - Prof. Benoit Goyeau (Ecole Centrale-Supélec, Université Paris-Saclay, EM2C, CNRS UPR-288,)   ()
10:26 Challenges and Opportunities in Porous Media Modeling of Food Materials - Prof. Pawan Singh Takhar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   ()
Parallel 6-H (until 10:45) ()
09:32 Effective elastic properties of porous media and metamaterials - Willi Pabst (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague)   ()
09:50 Optimization of transport in the PEM-Fuel cells using 3D micro print method - Prof. Volker Schulz   ()
10:08 High performance SPH implementations for pore scale direct numerical simulations - Maria Osorno (University of Stuttgart)   ()
10:26 Pore network modelling of single phase flow in functionalized porous materials: permeability prediction and validation - Ms Agnese Piovesan (KU Leuven – University of Leuven, Division BIOSYST-MeBioS )   ()
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
Parallel 7-A (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Impact of surface complexation and electrostatic interactions during pH fronts propagation in silica porous media: Experiments and model based interpretation - Lucien Stolze   ()
11:35 Effects of Groundwater Circulation Well to contaminant Back-Diffusion from low-permeability layers: investigation by laboratory test and numerical simulations. - Dr Fabio Tatti (Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering (DICEA), University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy)   ()
11:53 Colloidal transport in a microfluidic porous medium with surface charge heterogeneity - Yang Guo (Colorado School of Mines)   ()
12:11 A New High-fidelity Mesh Model for Simulation of Transport Process in a Fixed Bed Reactor - Mr Bing Yuan (College of Chemical Engineering, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China;CAS Key Laboratory of Green Process and Engineering, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China)   ()
12:29 Simulation of particle straining in porous media using a coupled pore-network and CFD-DEM model - Mr Hongtao Yang (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
Parallel 7-B (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Microstructural Modeling and Simulation of Heat Transfer in Wood Fiber based Insulating Materials - Sarah Staub (Fraunhofer ITWM)   ()
11:35 Influence of RVE generation method on effective heat conduction modeling in open-cell ceramic foams: Review and recent advances - Zi Kang Low (Université de Lyon, INSA Lyon, LaMCoS CNRS UMR5259 ; Saint-Gobain C.R.E.E.)   ()
11:53 Prediction of the thermal conductivity of porous building materials with nanoscale pore size distributions - Wouter Van De Walle (KU Leuven, Building Physics Section)   ()
12:11 Determination of solid-phase conduction shape factor for spherical-void-phase REVs generated by a random discrete element model - Prof. Anthony Straatman (Western University)   ()
12:29 Thermal conductivity predictions for porous materials via effective medium approximations and cross-property relations - Dr Eva Gregorová (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague )   ()
Parallel 7-C (until 12:45) ()
11:17 A Discrete Element Approach in Modeling Proppant Transport in 3D Fracture Networks - Rui Kou (Texas A&M University)   ()
11:35 Fracture and fluid-flow in low permeability materials - Dr J. William Carey (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
11:53 Digital Material Laboratory: Determination of fractures and fracture networks from X-ray Computed Tomography - David Uribe   ()
12:11 Study of the multiple phase saturation distributions within a fracture - Meritxell Gran (Stanford University)   ()
12:29 Buoyant Fluid Flow in Inclined Fractures - zhenyu xu (Purdue University)   ()
Parallel 7-D (until 12:45) ()
11:17 The Control of Wettability for a Micror-Fluidic Channel using electrokinetic Technique and its Effect on Externally Measured Pressures - Xuhui Zhou (Purdue University)   ()
11:35 Wetting, disorder, and pattern formation - Amir Pahlavan (MIT)   ()
11:53 Pore-scale Investigation of Solvent Based Bitumen Recovery - ZhenBang Qi (University of Toronto Sinton Lab)   ()
12:11 Connecting microfluidics experiments and pore network modeling in understanding multiphase flows in porous media - Ms Min-Kyung Jeon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST))   ()
12:29 --- Empty oral slot ---
Parallel 7-E (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Molecular views on surface-driven flows: the case of thermo-osmosis - Prof. Laurent Joly (Université Lyon 1 - Institut Lumière Matière)   ()
11:53 Coupled heat- and mass transport through a gas-filled nanopore in contact with a liquid - Bjørn Hafskjold (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)   ()
12:11 Deviations from Darcy’s law studied by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations - Mr Olav Galteland (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)   ()
12:29 Influence of layer charge location and inter-layer cations on swelling properties of mixed layer Illite-Montmorillonite - Prof. Muhammad Sahimi (University of Southern California)   ()
Parallel 7-F (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Mineralogical and transport controls on the evolution of porous media texture - Sergi Molins (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
11:35 Barite precipitation in porous media: from tomography experiment to simulations - Dr Vitaliy Starchenko   ()
11:53 Effects of coke formation on the pore structure and permeability during heavy oil in-situ combustion - Mr Hang Jiang   ()
12:11 Impact of pore and pore-throat distributions on porosity-permeability evolution in heterogeneous mineral dissolution and precipitation scenarios - Lauren Beckingham (Auburn University)   ()
12:29 Porosity and permeability change of Lower Tuscaloosa and Marine Shale formations (Mississippi, USA) induced by CO2 injection: a numerical study - Liwei Zhang (Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
Parallel 7-G (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Integration of Pressure Transient Data into Reservoir Models using the Fast Marching Method - Mr CHEN LI (Texas A&M University-College Station)   ()
11:35 Adsorption and Transport in Multiscale Porous Media - Benoit Coasne (CNRS/University Grenoble Alpes)   ()
11:53 Conditions for upscalability of bioclogging in pore network models - Mr Luis Lopez Pena (Technical University of Delft)   ()
12:11 Capillary force under microgravity estimated from Hagen-Poiseuille Equation. - Kosuke Noborio (Meiji University)   ()
12:29 Effects of Shapes of Pore Throat on Water Infiltration under Microgravity. - Ms Natsumi Naganuma (Graduate School of Agriculture, Meiji University)   ()
Parallel 7-H (until 12:45) ()
11:17 Capillary network simulations based on the centreline representation - Dr Rodrigo Neumann Barros Ferreira (IBM Research)   ()
11:35 Identification of individual fibers from 3d digital images - Mr Andreas Grießer (Math2Market)   ()
11:53 Capillary Suction Response of Granular Materials from Computed Tomography and Direct Numerical Simulations - Mr Mohmad Mohsin Thakur (University of Tennessee)   ()
12:11 Image analysis, microstructure generation and effective property estimation of cement-based materials used as radioactive waste confinement barriers - Mr Laurent Lemmens (SCK-CEN / KU LEUVEN)   ()
12:29 ¬Numerical Design of Porous Materials Using Adjustable Level-Cut Poison Field Method - Ben Paisley (University of Cincinnati)   ()
Parallel 9-A (until 10:20) ()
08:32 Phase Equilibria in CO2-Multicomponent Hydrocarbon Systems in Shale Organic Nanopores: A Coarse Grained Molecular Simulation Study - Dr Ali Takbiri-Borujeni (West Virginia University)   ()
08:50 Gas transport in porous geological media with contract of properties, and irregular distribution of pores. - Dr Viktoria Savatorova (UNLV)   ()
09:08 Analytical Investigation of the Stability and Universal Scaling of the Transition from Spontaneous to Forced Imbibition in Porous Media - Mr Lichi Deng (Texas A&M University)   ()
09:26 Sorption Stresses in Organic-Rich Rock Formations: Fundamental Processes and Reservoir Scale Implications - Prof. D. Nicolas Espinoza (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
09:44 Mineral precipitation in fractures: The role of aperture and mineral heterogeneity on the evolution of transport properties - Prof. Russell Detwiler (University of California, Irvine)   ()
10:02 Sensitivity studies of different scenarios of polymer injection applied to Ainsa Quarry1 outcrop - André Fourno (IFPEN)   ()
Parallel 9-B (until 10:20) ()
08:32 Ink flow in fibrous layer: direct pore-scale modeling and experimental observation - Hamed Aslannejad (Utrecht University)   ()
08:50 Short timescale wetting and liquid penetration on porous media, an experimental approach - Sarah Krainer (Technical University of Graz)   ()
09:08 Droplet Impact on Fabric - Mr Thijs de Goede (University of Amsterdam)   ()
09:26 Transport processes and water based ink – paper interactions - Nicolae Tomozeiu (Océ-Technologies B.V.)   ()
09:44 Exploring the limits of macro-homogeneous models of carbon-fiber papers - Pablo Ángel García-Salaberri (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)   ()
10:02 On modeling partially-saturated flow of a liquid in multilayered thin swelling porous media - Dr Ahmed Kaffel   ()
Parallel 9-C (until 10:20) ()
08:32 Comparison of sequential and fully-coupled approaches for flow and geomechanics - Martin Beck (University of Stuttgart)   ()
08:50 Modeling hydraulic fracturing using a vectorized 3D implementation of XFEM - Ehsan Haghighat   ()
09:08 Modeling fracture reactivation in a mixed dimensional setting: Friction models and numerical challenges - Runar Berge (University of Bergen)   ()
09:26 Modeling nonlinear diffusion in fractured rock with deformable fractures and applications to injection induced seismicity - Ryan Haagenson (University of Colorado)   ()
09:44 Lessons Learned from a Controlled-Injection Fault Reactivation Experiment at Mont Terri, Switzerland: Can Fault Leakage Occur, When, and For How Long? - Dr Jens T. Birkholzer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
10:02 Modeling induced seismicity with coupled poroelasticity on discrete fracture networks with evolving hydraulic diffusivity and Mohr-Coulomb failure - Daniel Birdsell   ()
Parallel 9-D (until 10:20) ()
08:32 Imaging the spatial distribution of geochemical heterogeneities in porous media: multidimensional flow-through experiments and inverse modeling - Massimo Rolle (Technical University of Denmark)   ()
08:50 Solute mixing during immiscible displacements in porous media - Takeshi Kurotori (Imperial College London)   ()
09:08 Micro-Positron Emission Tomography for measuring sub-core scale permeability and relative permeability - Christopher Zahasky (Stanford University)   ()
09:26 Effect of capillary induced flow on CO2 residual trapping - Maartje Boon (Stanford University)   ()
09:44 Impact of 3D capillary heterogeneity and bedform architecture at the sub-meter scale on CO2 saturation - Dr Luca Trevisan (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   ()
10:02 Characterising multiphase flow functions with hysteresis from the mm to m scale in heterogeneous sandstones - Dr Sam Krevor (Imperial College London)   ()
Parallel 9-E (until 10:20) ()
08:32 Stability of saturation overshoots for two-phase flow in porous media - Mr Martin Schneider (University of Stuttgart)   ()
08:50 Propagation of fronts for Richards equation with gravity for general non-equilibrium capillarity pressure conditions - Koondanibha Mitra (Eindhoven University of Technology)   ()
09:08 Reconstruction of complex 3D pore structure in carbonates from 2D images using global optimization - Mr Tianshen Huang (Heriot-Watt University)   ()
09:26 The Effects of Dynamic Capillary in Modeling Saturation Overshoot during Infiltration - Luwen Zhuang (Utrecht University)   ()
09:44 A multiscale two-equation reaction-diffusion porous media model of gas exchange in apple fruit - Dr Pieter Verboven (KU Leuven - University of Leuven, Division BIOSYST-MeBioS)   ()
10:02 A Computational Investigation of Seismic Wave Focusing as a Means to Fracture Shale - Yuxuan Jing   ()
Parallel 9-F (until 10:20) ()
08:32 Pore scale study of drying in porous media - Rui Wu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)   ()
08:50 Water evaporation dynamics in 3D printed porous asphalt - Mr Mustafa Aboufoul (PhD researcher )   ()
09:08 Evaporation of bound and free water from drying cellulose fiber poultices - Mohamed Nidal BEN ABDELOUAHAB (CEA Marcoule - Laboratoire Navier)   ()
09:26 A bottom-up approach to obtain continuum model parameters from pore network drying simulations - Dr Abdolreza Kharaghani (Thermal Process Engineering, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg)   ()
09:44 Evaluation of Microbial-mediated Moisture Retention in Emulated Soil Micromodels - Ms Yi-Syuan Guo (University of Connecticut)   ()
Parallel 9-G (until 10:20) ()
08:32 From Pore to Porous Media: A Connected Hierarchy of Chaos - Guy Metcalfe (Monash University)   ()
08:50 The dynamics of fluid deformation in Darcy scale porous media and impact on mixing - Marco Dentz (IDAEA-CSIC)   ()
09:08 A Lagrangian scheme to model subgrid-scale mixing in heterogeneous porous media - Prof. Albert Valocchi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   ()
09:26 Use of Lagrangian coherent structures and angular multiscale statistics to assess turbulence in porous media - Sourabh Apte (Oregon State University)   ()
09:44 Methods for extracting Lagrangian coherent structures from unsteady velocity data - Sanjeeva Balasuriya (University of Adelaide)   ()
10:02 Lagrangian transport and chaotic advection in a class of (anisotropic) subsurface reservoirs - Dr Michel Speetjens (Eindhoven University of Technology)   ()
Parallel 9-H (until 10:20) ()
08:32 Multiscale model reduction for coupled problems in fractured porous media - Maria Vasilyeva   ()
08:50 A one-domain approach for modeling and simulation of free fluid over a porous medium - Dr Chen Huangxin (Xiamen University)   ()
09:08 The importance of inertial effects and Haines jumps in pore scale modelling of drainage displacement for geological CO$_{2}$ sequestration - Dr Edo Boek (Queen Mary University of London)   ()
09:26 Coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical simulation for enhanced geothermal system based on embedded discrete fracture model - Mr Tingyu Li (School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an 710049, China)   ()
09:44 Integrated Compositional Simulation and Optimization for Gas Mobility Control Techniques during CO2 Sequestration in Cranfield - Ms Xueying Lu (UT Austin)   ()
10:02 Apriori Error Estimates for the Undrained Split Iterative Coupling Scheme for Coupling Flow with Geomechanics - Dr Tameem Almani (Saudi Aramco)   ()
10:20 --- Coffee break ---
Parallel 10-A (until 12:15) ()
10:47 CO2 convective dissolution controlled by temporal changes in free-phase CO2 properties - Hamid Emami-Meybodi (Pennsylvania State University)   ()
11:05 The impact of horizontal groundwater flow on the dissolution of CO2 in saline aquifers - Ravid Rosenzweig (Geological Survey of Israel)   ()
11:23 Effect of heterogeneity on the mixing of fluids under convective flow - Juan J. Hidalgo (IDAEA-CSIC)   ()
11:41 --- Empty oral slot ---
11:59 Quantitative study of reservoir quality changes due to methane hydrate formation - Sulav Dhakal (Louisiana State University)   ()
12:02 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:05 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:08 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:11 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 10-B (until 12:15) ()
10:47 Mathematical modeling of microstructured membrane filters: A stochastic approach - Dr Pejman Sanaei (CIMS-NYU)   ()
11:05 On the Pressure Generation anRelaxation in a Porous Media under a Spherical Loading Surface - Dr Rungun Nathan (Penn State Berks)   ()
11:23 From Red Cells to Soft Porous Lubrication - Qianhong Wu (Villanova University)   ()
11:41 --- Empty oral slot ---
11:59 Short timescale wetting and penetration on paper - Sarah Krainer (Technical University of Graz)   ()
12:02 Direct numerical simulations of solid particle interactions in suspensions using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics - Mrs Nadine Kijanski (University Stuttgart)   ()
12:05 Experimental Investigation and Synchrotron Visualization of Water Transport of Thin Porous Media in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells. - Mr Logan Battrell (Montana State University)   ()
12:08 In silico characterization of chloride-based salt hydrates for thermochemical heat storage - David Smeulders (Eindhoven University)   ()
12:11 Numerical Model of a thermochemical heat storage reactor - Mrs Gabriele Seitz (University of Stuttgart)   ()
Parallel 10-C (until 12:15) ()
10:47 Network Connectivity in Complex, Three-Dimensional Fracture Networks - Donald M Reeves (Western Michigan University)   ()
11:05 Coupling of different numerical approaches for efficient simulations in porous and fractured media - Dr Stefano Scialò (Politecnico di Torino)   ()
11:23 Applications of standard and mixed Virtual Elements to the simulation of physical phenomena in poro-fractured media - Andrea Borio (Politecnico di Torino)   ()
11:41 A parallel boundary element method for subsurface flow problems in three-dimensional fracture networks - Dr Yin Feng (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)   ()
11:59 Near Fracture Capillary End Effect on Shale Gas and Water Production - Mr Riza Elputranto (Texas A&M University)   ()
12:02 A Meshfree Approach to Modeling Hydraulic Fracturing in Saturated Porous Media - Haoyan Wei (Department of Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego )   ()
12:05 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:08 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:11 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 10-D (until 12:15) ()
10:47 Pore scale velocity measurements in 3D –measurements in empty flow channel - Mr Simon Franchini (Imperial College London)   ()
11:05 Manufacturing a micro-model with integrated fibre optic pressure sensors - Ioannis Zarikos (Utrecht University)   ()
11:23 Micro-PIV Measurements of Pore-Scale Flow of Water and Supercritical CO2 in 2D Circular Porous Micromodels at Reservoir Conditions - Yaofa Li (University of Notre Dame)   ()
11:41 Using Surfactants to Induce Viscosity Driven Crossflow in Oil-Wet Fractured Micromodels - Lucas Mejia (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
11:59 Flow behavior of charged nanoparticle stabilized emulsions in a glass micromodel - Mr Christopher Griffith (UT Austin)   ()
12:02 High-Resolution, Rock-Based, 2.5D Polymer Micromodels - Dimitris Nikitopoulos (Louisiana State University, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department)   ()
12:05 Understanding the influence of small scale geological heterogeneity on capillary trapping of CO2 using engineered beadpacks - Prasanna Krishnamurthy (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
12:08 Characterizing CO2 Residual Trapping through Experiments - Hailun Ni (Stanford University)   ()
12:11 The characterization of multimodal structure and pores in conglomerate reservoir - Dr guosheng QIN   ()
Parallel 10-E (until 12:15) ()
10:47 Influence of particle shape on reaction and transport patterns in fixed beds for methanol partial oxidation to formaldehyde - Mr Behnam Partopour (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)   ()
11:05 Stable fingering patterns induced by an elementary hysteresis law - Prof. Ben Schweizer (TU Dortmund)   ()
11:23 Spatiotemporally resolved PIV/SPIV velocity measurements in a MRI facility of randomly packed spheres - Prof. Thien Nguyen (Texas A&M University)   ()
11:41 A continuum model of gravity fingering endowed with an entropy function and bounded saturation overshoot - Dr Abdelaziz Beljadid (MIT)   ()
11:59 A groundwater flow model : Flow behavior through anisotropic granular porous media - Mr Andres Abad Gonzalez (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences - Institute of Digital Materials Science)   ()
12:05 Numerical Modelling of Reactive Flow and Wormhole Formation in Carbonate Rocks - Prof. Jun Yao (China University of Petroleum,Qingdao)   ()
12:08 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:11 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 10-F (until 12:15) ()
10:47 Characterization of dynamic fracture network extension in porous media by means of fractal geometry - Jianchao Cai (China University of Geosciences (Wuhan))   ()
11:05 Estimating permeability of shale gas reservoirs from porosity and mineral contents - Dr Peiqiang Zhao (Hubei Subsurface Multi-scale Imaging Key Laboratory, Institute of Geophysics and Geomatics, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan))   ()
11:23 Spatial correlation of contact angle and curvature in pore-space images - Dr Branko Bijeljic (Imperial College London)   ()
11:41 A numerical modeling approach for capillary effects in systems with changing porosity - Peter Johnson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
11:59 Effects of Bacterial EPS on Drying of Porous Media - Dr Wenjuan Zheng (University of Delaware)   ()
12:02 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:05 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:08 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:11 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 10-G (until 12:15) ()
10:47 A posteriori error estimates, stopping criteria, and adaptivity for a two phase flow with exchange between phases as a nonlinear complementarity problem in porous media - Mr Jad Dabaghi (Inria Paris)   ()
11:05 Understanding Wicking in Textile by Multiscale Imaging and Modeling - Mr Robert Fischer (Empa Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology)   ()
11:23 Multiscale Computation of Pore-Scale Fluid Dynamics - Yashar Mehmani (Stanford University)   ()
11:41 Unsupervised Machine Learning Based on Tensor Factorization - Velimir Vesselinov (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
11:59 A Computational Model for Freezing and Thawing in Soil - Rafid al Khoury   ()
12:02 Fast Forecast of Future Reservoir Performance Using Deep Learning - Hoonyoung Jeong (University Of Texas At Austin)   ()
12:05 Risk Assessment of Carbon Sequestration into A Naturally Fractured Aquifer at Kevin Dome, Montana - Bill Carey (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
12:08 Diffusion and dispersion with heterogeneous reaction in homogeneous porous media: The macroscale models revisited - Dr D. Lasseux (CNRS - I2M)   ()
12:11 Examination of Capillary Pressure-Saturation-Interfacial Area Relation under Dynamic Conditions using Volume-Of-Fluid (VOF) Method - Santosh Konangi (University of Cincinnati)   ()
Parallel 10-H (until 12:15) ()
10:47 Study on SAV scheme in Diffuse Interface model for the multi-phase fluid system with the Peng-Robinson equation of state - Mr Tao Zhang (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)   ()
11:05 Molecular Simulation Study of Swelling Clays - Arun Kumar Narayanan Nair (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)   ()
11:23 Numerical Simulation of Carbonate Matrix Acidizing Using Adaptive Enriched Galerkin Method - Mr Rencheng Dong (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
11:41 Decoupled, energy stable scheme for Cahn-Hilliard phase field model of two-phase incompressible flows - Dr Guangpu Zhu (Research Center of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media,School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
11:59 Modelling and simulation of reactive dissolution during acidization of fractured carbonate rocks - Dr Liu Piyang   ()
12:02 Numerical Study on the Influence of Natural Fracture Size on Heat Transfer Process in Hot Dry Rock - Mr Kangxin Zhang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing)   ()
12:05 Delaying Steam Breakthrough in a Fractured Heavy Oil Reservoir - Strategies and Outcomes - Mr German Abzaletdinov (Research Assistant)   ()
12:08 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:11 --- Empty pitch slot ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Invited 1 (Room A) - Takeshi Tsuji (until 13:55) ()
13:30 Multi-phase fluid behaviors with various capillary numbers, viscosity and wettability: Insight into effective and safe CO2 storage - Takeshi Tsuji (1. Department of Earth Resources Engineering, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan 2. International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (WPI-I2CNER), Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan)   ()
Invited 1 (Room B) - Hamdi Tchelepi (until 13:55) ()
13:30 Level-set method for modeling pore-scale two-phase flow at small capillary numbers - Prof. Hamdi Tchelepi (Stanford University)   ()
Invited 1 (Room C) - Leonhard Ganzer (until 13:55) ()
13:30 Microvisual Studies of Fluid Flow in Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes - Prof. Leonhard Ganzer (Clausthal University of Technology)   ()
Invited 1 (Room D) - Ralf Seeman (until 13:55) ()
13:30 The Role of Local Instabilities in Fluid Invasion into Permeable Media Studied by in situ X-Ray Microtomography - Prof. Ralf Seemann (Saarland University/MPIDS)   ()
Parallel 2-A (until 16:00) ()
14:07 Visualisation of solute transport and determination of its transport properties in porous sintered glass - Ms Stefanie Van Offenwert (Ghent University, Pore-scale Processes in Geomaterials Research Team (PProGRess))   ()
14:25 Transport with Bimolecular Reactions in Fracture-Matrix Systems: Analytical Solutions with Applications to Weathering Reactions and In-Situ Chemical Oxidation - Masoud Arshadi (Tufts University)   ()
14:43 Chaotic Fluid Advection in Crystalline Granular Media - Prof. Yves Méheust (Géosciences Rennes)   ()
15:01 Mixing effects in agrochemical biodegradation networks in variably saturated soils - Dr Giovanni Porta (Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano)   ()
15:19 Semi-Analytical Particle Tracking Scheme For Advective/Diffusive Transport in Porous Media - Daniel Meyer (Institute of Fluid Dynamics, ETH Zurich)   ()
15:37 Analysis of CO2 residual trapping over the range of scales, from field to core to pore scales - Heletz, Israel, pilot injection site - Auli Niemi (Uppsala University)   ()
15:40 Direct simulation of hysteresis in upscaled reaction rates in a periodically transient river corridor using complex reactions on particles - Nick Engdahl (Washington State University)   ()
15:43 Influence of the motility of bacteria on their large scale transport - Dr Harold Auradou   ()
15:46 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:49 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:52 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:55 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 2-B (until 16:00) ()
14:07 An experimental and numerical pore-scale study of bio-enhanced NAPL dissolution in porous media - Fabrice GOLFIER (Université de Lorraine - GeoRessources Laboratory)   ()
14:25 Monitoring of bacterial biofilm formation in sands using complex electrical conductivity - Ms Hyun-Woo Joo (KAIST)   ()
14:43 A numerical model for reactive transport coupled with microbial growth on Darcy scale - Birger Hagemann (Clausthal University of Technology)   ()
15:01 Soil bacteria: searching for more efficient bio-fertilizers - Verónica I. Marconi (FaMAF-UNC and IFEG-(UNC-CONICET))   ()
15:19 Modelling coupled microbial processes under multiphase and multichemical flow conditions - Dr Shakil Masum (Cardiff University)   ()
15:37 Biofilms can retain sub-micron fine particles migrating in porous media: toward enhancing durability of bioclogging in soils - Mr Yong-min Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST))   ()
15:40 Use of Biogenic Gas Production as a Pre-Treatment to improve the Efficiency of Dynamic Compaction - Ms Devajani Borah (Arizona State University)   ()
15:43 Salinity-dependent transport of viruses in porous media - Dong Zhang (Stevens Institute of Technology)   ()
15:46 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:49 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:52 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:55 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 2-C (until 16:00) ()
14:07 Mechanical Degradation of Polymer Solution in Micro Pore Throat - Dr Lijuan Zhang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China)   ()
14:25 Efficient VOF simulations of pore-scale multiphase flow - Stéphane Zaleski (Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert)   ()
14:43 Solvent Assisted Thermal Recovery of Viscous Oil: Analysis of Efficiency - Alfredo Perez-Perez (CHLOE, University of Pau)   ()
15:01 CO2 Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in Tight Oil Formations: Insights from Laboratory Investigations and Field-Scale Simulations - Dr Jose Torres (University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center)   ()
15:19 Microbiological underground methanation: principle, bio-chemical and hydrodynamic models, and self-organization phenomena - NOURA EDDAOUI   ()
15:37 Biomimetic, programmable, and self-healing composite for mitigating gas/liquid leakage in wellbores - Dr Rouzbeh Shahsavari (C-Crete Technologies LLC)   ()
15:40 The solution to Leaky wellbores in the Gulf of Mexico: Gilsonite, a Crystalline Hydrocarbon - Mr William Daniel   ()
15:43 Impact of stacked geologic sequence on oil spill volumes - Ms Florencia Vasquez   ()
15:46 On using 3D-print technology to improve permanent cement plugs for P&A operations - Dr Pierre Cerasi (SINTEF)   ()
15:49 Numerical analysis of a nonlinear CVFE scheme for the compressible two phase flow in heterogeneous and anisotropic porous media - EL Houssaine QUENJEL (Ecole Centrale de Nantes/ENSAM-Meknès)   ()
15:52 How does pore size distributions affect the accumulation and release rates of a PAH in porous media of sediments and soils? - Gonzalo Jayme-Torres (UNAM)   ()
15:55 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 2-D (until 16:00) ()
14:07 Deliquescence behavior of salts confined in small pores - Tanya Talreja-Muthreja   ()
14:25 Quartz fracturing by in-pore water (negative) pressure - Lionel Mercury   ()
14:43 Electrical resistivity in saturated synthetic porous media - Ignacio Aguilar (Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)   ()
15:01 --- Empty oral slot ---
15:19 --- Empty oral slot ---
15:37 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:40 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:43 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:46 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:49 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:52 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:55 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 2-E (until 16:00) ()
14:07 Supercritical Methane Sorption on Organic-Rich Shales from Sichuan Basin, China - Feng Yang (China University of Geosciences, Wuhan)   ()
14:25 Direct observation of phase change in sub-10 nm porous media - Arnav Jatukaran (University of Toronto)   ()
14:43 Molecular Simulation of Competitive Adsorption behaviors of CO2/CH4 Mixtures on Shale Clay Minerals - Ms Yuanyuan Tian (1. College of Energy, Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu, PR China. 2. School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.) Mr Xiaofei Hu (1. College of Energy, Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu, PR China. 2. School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.)   ()
15:01 Production Data Analysis from Unconventional Reservoirs with a Novel Data-Driven Drainage Volume Approach - Mr Zhenzhen Wang (Texas A&M University)   ()
15:19 Microscale Modeling of the Effect of Silica nanoparticles and Surfactants on Heavy Oil Displacements - Dr S. Hossein Hejazi (Subsurface Fluidics and Porous Media Laboratory; Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering; University of Calgary)   ()
15:37 Theoretical foundation of fracture permeability to analyse the flow in channel fracturing based on Navier-Stokes equation - Dr Guoqing XU (Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development(RIPED), PetroChina,)   ()
15:40 N2, CO2, and Ar adsorption to characterize micro- and mesopores of shales - Nerine Joewondo (Colorado School of Mines)   ()
15:43 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:46 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:49 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:52 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:55 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 2-F (until 16:00) ()
14:07 Towards a bettter understanding of foam flow patterns in porous media - Christopher Yeates (IFPEN)   ()
14:25 Probing foam’s texture in porous media with Neutron scattering and X-ray tomography - Chakib OUALI (IFP Energies Nouvelles)   ()
14:43 Laboratory Investigation of Liquid Injectivity in Surfactant-Alternating-Gas Foam Enhanced Oil Recovery - Rodrigo Orlando Salazar Castillo (TU Delft)   ()
15:01 Evaluating the Potential of Nanoparticles for Foam Generation and Stability at High Temperatures: Steam Foam Application - Prof. Steven Bryant (Professor)   ()
15:19 Probing the Effect of Oil Type and Saturation on Foam Flow in Porous Media - Mr Reza Amirmoshiri (Rice University)   ()
15:37 Wind-induced soil-atmosphere gas exchange as related to near-surface wind speed characteristics and soil physical properties - Prof. Tjalfe Poulsen (Guangdong Technion)   ()
15:40 Robust level set methods for moving interfaces - Peter Frolkovic (Slovak University of Technology)   ()
15:43 Enriched Galerkin approach for density-driven flow in unsaturated coastal aquifer - Jonghyun Lee (University of Hawaii at Manoa)   ()
15:46 Phase separation in capillary channel flow using porous media - Mr Kamal Singh Bisht   ()
15:49 Wicking of a Wetting Fluid in a Layered Porous Medium Saturated with a Viscous Non-Wetting Fluid - Ms Shabina Ashraf (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)   ()
15:52 Wicking as partially-saturated flow of a liquid in thin swelling porous media - Prof. Krishna Pillai (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) Dr Ahmed Kaffel   ()
15:55 Forecasting Oil Production and Economics of a Foam Pilot Including Quantitative Uncertainty Assessment - Simon Ayache (IFP Energies nouvelles)   ()
15:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 2-G (until 16:00) ()
14:07 Upscaling the Navier-Stokes Equation for Turbulent Flows in Porous Media Using a Volume Averaging Method - Brian Wood (Oregon State University)   ()
14:25 Macroscale modeling of immiscible two-phase flows in highly permeable porous media - Dr Yohan Davit (Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse)   ()
14:43 3D simulation-based study of shear-thinning fluid flow in a sandstone fracture - Min Zhang (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
15:01 Superfluid and quantum turbulence in porous media - Cyprien Soulaine (Stanford University)   ()
15:19 --- Empty oral slot ---
15:37 Microscopic pore structure characterization of shale rock based on fractal theory and its application in the prediction of permeability - Prof. Jianmeng Sun (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
15:40 A fractal analysis for Darcy and non-Darcy permeability in porous media - Dr Jinsui Wu (North China Institute of Science and Technology)   ()
15:43 Calculating fractal dimensions of porous media based on pore size distribution - Dr Yuxuan Xia (China University of Geosciences (Wuhan))   ()
15:46 Experimental Investigation of Non-linear Flows in Artificial Multiscale Frac-vuggy Media - Mr Yang Yang (Petrochina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development )   ()
15:49 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:52 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:55 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 2-H (until 16:00) ()
14:07 Moment Equations for Tracer Solute Transport in Composite Media with uncertain dispersivities. - Mr Alberto Guadagnini (1Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale (DICA), Politecnico di Milano)   ()
14:25 Urban aquifer hydraulic conductivity estimation and uncertainty analysis - Ms Xin Su   ()
14:43 Information-theoretic approach to conductivity upscaling - Dr Francesca Boso (Stanford University)   ()
15:01 One-dimensional modeling, data assimilation and parameter estimation during nonlinear consolidation in randomly heterogeneous highly compressible aquitards - Prof. Eric Morales-Casique (Instituto de Geología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)   ()
15:19 --- Empty oral slot ---
15:37 Pore-scale investigation of the effect of lithology on residual oil displacement in chemical flooding using nuclear magnetic resonance experiments - Dr Zheyu Liu   ()
15:40 Determining the Impact of Mineral Composition and Roughness in Multiphase Flow through Fractures - Javier E. Santos (University of Texas at Austin)   ()
15:43 Salinity and saturation dependence of the streaming potential coupling coefficient of porous carbonate rocks - aurélien cherubini (IFP Energies Nouvelles)   ()
15:46 Parameter estimation and steady-state groundwater flow prediction via three stochastic approaches - Eric Morales-Casique (Instituto de Geología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México, D.F. C.P. 04510, México)   ()
15:52 Research on the Recovery Mechanism of the Coupling of Injection and Production Recovery Technology at High Water Cut Stage - Mr Shuai Ma (China University of Geosciences at Beijing)   ()
15:55 --- Empty pitch slot ---
15:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Poster 1 (until 17:30) ()
16:00 A digital rock workflow to quantify sub-core scale spreading and mixing in reservoir rocks - Takeshi Kurotori (Imperial College London)   ()
16:00 CO2 Breakthrough Pressure in Resedimented Caprock Seals - Prof. D. Nicolas Espinoza (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
16:00 Fast assessment of CO2 plume extent using a connectivity-based surrogate model - Hoonyoung Jeong (University Of Texas At Austin)   ()
16:15 The Effect of Original and Initial Saturation on Residual Nonwetting Phase Capillary Trapping Efficiency - Dorthe Wildenschild (Oregon State University)   ()
16:30 A coupled wellbore-reservoir model of CO2 flow and heat transfer during a push-pull experiment at Heletz, Israel - Farzad Basirat (Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University)   ()
16:45 Stress-sensitivity Modeling during CO2 Flooding and Storage in Tight Sandstone Core - Ying Jia (E&P Research Institute, SINOPEC)   ()
17:00 Multi-scale CO2–Brine Core Flooding Under X-Ray CT In Sandstone From Ordos Basin - Ms Yan WANG (State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
17:15 Impacts of Methane on Carbon Dioxide Storage in Brine Formations - Dr Mohamad Reza Soltanian (University of Cincinnati)   ()
17:15 Mixing and reactions: The case of Taylor dispersion in a tube - Brian Wood (Oregon State University)   ()
17:15 Optimization of key parameters of carbon dioxide huff-n-puff Process for geological storage - Xiangyang Wang   ()
17:15 Permeability and porosity modeling in artificial core - Prof. Xiang'an Yue (China University of Petroleum (Beijing))   ()
17:15 Refractive-light-transmission measurements of density-driven convection with application to solubility trapping of geologically sequestered CO2 - Auli Niemi (Uppsala University)   ()
Poster 1 (until 17:30) ()
16:00 Dimensionless analysis applied to bacterial chemotaxis towards NAPL contaminants - Prof. Xiaopu Wang (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
16:00 Examining Nitrogen By-Product Management for Microbially-Induced Calcite Precipitation via Stimulated Microbial Ureolysis - Dr Michael G Gomez (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle)   ()
16:00 Experimental Study and Modeling of Biogas Formation in Homogeneous Porous Media - Daehyun Kim (Arizona State University)   ()
16:00 Pore structure alteration of sands by microbially induced carbonate precipitation via denitrification - Akiko Nakano   ()
16:15 Overview of Experimental Systems and Approaches Supporting In Situ Mineral Precipitation Research - Adrienne Phillips (Montana State University)   ()
16:30 Biocement soil improvement using acidified all-in-one solution by acid buffer - Dr LIANG CHENG (Nanyang Technological University) Mr Yang Yang (Nanyang Technological University )   ()
16:45 Microbial life in unsaturated porous media: a microfluidic approach - Dorothee Luise Kurz (ETH Zürich)   ()
17:00 How biofilm growth affects hydraulic parameters: a reevaluation of the impact of partial in hydraulic conductivity and hydrodynamic dispersion - Prof. Xavier Sanchez-Vila (University Politecnica de Catalunya)   ()
Poster 1 (until 17:30) ()
16:00 Electrophoresis to improve cement-steel bonding in well construction - Dr Malin Torsater (SINTEF)   ()
16:00 Numerical analysis of viscous oil recovery using micromodel experiments on thermal solvent-based displacement - Marelys Mujica (CHLOE, University of Pau)   ()
16:00 Why fractures in Marcellus Shale might be plugged too soon: Case study comparing geochemical and geomechanical data obtained from outcrop vs reservoir cores - Dr Mileva Radonjic (LSU)   ()
16:15 An Assessment of Research Gaps Related to Deep Water Wellbore Integrity - Mary Tkach   ()
16:30 How 3D Printing maybe used to facilitate the design and testing of hydraulic barriers and establish bonds to formations and casing, as well as data gathering implementation and formation visualization - Mr Barry Calnan (President, Calnan Design Group LLC )   ()
17:15 Experimental and Computational Tools to Assess Wellbore Integrity: Predicting Failure and Designing Next Generation Seal Repair Materials - Edward Matteo (Sandia National Laboratories)   ()
17:15 Mathematical model of microbiological oil recovery with wetting inversion by bio-surfactants - Ms Akerke Mukhamediarova (Institut Elie Cartan – Université de Lorraine)   ()
17:15 Pore Scale Dynamics of Gravity-Stable Surfactant Flooding - Mr Hanxu Yang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing)   ()
Poster 1 (until 17:30) ()
16:00 Efficient liquid transport induced by drying paste/substrate systems - Mohamed Nidal BEN ABDELOUAHAB (CEA Marcoule - Laboratoire Navier)   ()
16:00 Experimental investigation on self-generated heat foam system for offshore heavy oil reservoir - Hailong Chen   ()
16:00 How does pore size distributions affect the accumulation and release rates of a PAH in porous media of sediments and soils? - Gonzalo Jayme-Torres (UNAM)   ()
16:00 Pressure drop and non-intrusive velocity measurements in packed beds - Prof. Thien Nguyen (Texas A&M University)   ()
16:15 Experimental investigations of effective visco-elastic properties of sandstones - Prof. Holger Steeb (University of Stuttgart)   ()
16:30 Influence of rock micro-pore structure parameters on Remaining oil Distribution - Ms Shuyao Sheng (Southwest Petroleum University )   ()
16:45 Contact Angle Measurements of scCO2 and Brine in 3D Printed Models with Varying Surface Roughness - Ms Laura Dalton (U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory)   ()
17:00 Combined wicking and drying of a NaCl solution in porous media as studied by NMR - Dr Leo Pel (Eindhoven University of Technology)   ()
Poster 1 (until 17:30) ()
16:00 A Dual-site Simplified Local Density Model for Shale Gas Adsorption under Reservoir Conditions - Dr Sen Wang (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
16:00 Analytical Modeling of Stimulation Fluid Temperature for Hydraulic Fracturing Design - Yilin Mao (Louisiana State University)   ()
16:00 CO2 interaction with shale: Insights from experiments and literature - Dr Dustin Crandall (U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory)   ()
16:00 Effect of Salt Dry-out on Shale Gas Reservoir Production Performance - MOHAMMAD JAMSHID-NEZHAD (LSU)   ()
16:00 Energy exploitation analysis of natural gas hydrate depressurization dissociation in porous media - Dr Didi Wu (School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum)   ()
16:00 Experimental measurement of permeability in porous medium containing methane hydrate - Mr Fubo Wu (School of Petroleum Engineering,China University of Petroleum(East China))   ()
16:00 Laboratory investigations of geochemical evolution in unconventional reservoirs during hydraulic stimulation - Johnathan Moore (AECOM, National Energy Technology Laboratory)   ()
16:00 Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Liquid Flow in Nanoporous Media - Qinjun Kang (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
16:00 Numerical study of effective thermal properties of granular porous medium using Lattice Boltzmann methods - Mr Muhammad Fowaz Ikram (Subsurface Fluidics and Porous Media Laboratory, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4)   ()
16:00 Proppant embedment in shale during exposure to hydraulic fracturing fluids - Dr Sarah Brown (AECOM at NETL)   ()
16:00 Study on pressure propagation of methane hydrate decomposition by depressurization in porous medium - Mrs Lingxi Qiao (Institute of Petroleum Engineering,China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
Poster 1 (until 17:30) ()
16:00 A domain decomposition method to couple nonisothermal compositional gas liquid Darcy and free gas flows - Roland Masson (University Côte d'Azur, LJAD-CNRS-Inria)   ()
16:15 Effect of Non-Newtonian Foam on SAG Foam EOR - Rodrigo Salazar Castillo (TU Delft)   ()
16:30 Study of foam generation mechanism at the pore scale - Qingjian Li (Stevens Institute of Technology)   ()
16:45 How to Predict CO2 Foam Propagation Distance by Using Bubble Population Balance Model - Mohammad Izadi (Louisiana State University)   ()
Poster 1 (until 17:30) ()
16:00 A fractal model of permeability for shale gas in fractal fracture networks - Dr Tongjun Miao (Xinxiang University)   ()
16:15 Quantitative evaluation of carbonate reservoir pore structure based on fractal characteristics - Mr Hangyu Liu   ()
16:30 Fractal model of gas diffusion coefficient through porous nanofibers with rough surfaces - Dr qian zheng   ()
16:45 Porosity Characteristics of Coal Reservoir in Daqing Exploration Area - Mr yongfeng zhang   ()
17:00 On modeling scale-invariant dual-porosity media based on general fractal topography - Prof. Yi Jin (Henan polytechnic university)   ()
17:15 A universal visco-inertial flow model in geologic porous media - Yi-Feng Chen (Wuhan University)   ()
17:15 The Flow of a Shear-Thinning Fluid in a Geological Fracture - Prof. Yves Méheust (Géosciences Rennes)   ()
Poster 1 (until 17:30) ()
16:00 Hybrid machine learning/adjoint sensitivity model for source zone sampling optimization - Tian Tang (Tufts University)   ()
16:00 Parameter Identification in Confined Aquifers using a Predictor-Corrector Scheme of the Differential System Method - Liliana Guadalupe Salvador   ()
16:15 Solute dispersion for stable density-driven flow in randomly heterogeneous porous media - Mr Alberto Gudagnini (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale, Politecnico di Milano) Ms Monica Riva (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale, Politecnico di Milano)   ()
16:30 Effects of wettability on two-phase relative permeability estimates from direct pore-scale simulations - Dr Gaël Raymond Guédon (Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Energia)   ()
16:45 Image-based modeling of flow and transport in porous media - Dr Chao-Zhong Qin (Eindhoven University of Technology )   ()
17:00 The Study of Solid Phase Particles Blocking Process based on CT scanning technology - Zhenglan Li   ()
17:15 Observation and Evaluation of Multiphase Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media of Tight Gas Reservoir with Super-normally Saturated Water - Dr Ying Jia (E&P Research Institute, SINOPEC)   ()
17:15 Pore Network Stitching for Pore-to-Core Upscaling of Capillary-Dominated Two-Phase Flow in Heterogeneous Natural Reservoir Rocks - Amir Kohanpur (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   ()
12:45 --- Lunch ---
Invited 2 (Room A) - Anne De Wit (until 14:25) ()
14:00 Reactive fingering instabilities in CO2 sequestration - Anne De Wit (Universite libre de Bruxelles (ULB))   ()
Invited 2 (Room B) - Ian Griffiths (until 14:25) ()
14:00 Leveraging mathematics for global filtration challenges - Dr I.M. Griffiths (University of Oxford)   ()
Invited 2 (Room C) - Mariela Araujo (until 14:25) ()
14:00 Challenges in Modelling Thermal-Conduction based Hydrocarbon Recovery Methods - Mariela Araujo (Shell International Exploration and Production)   ()
Invited 2 (Room D) - Kamaljit Singh (until 14:25) ()
14:00 Three-dimensional image processing and analysis: segmentation, contact angle and curvature mapping - Kamaljit Singh (Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, London, UK)   ()
Parallel 5-A (until 17:15) ()
14:37 Effects of Wettability and Permeability on Viscous Fingering during Unstable Immiscible Displacements - Mr Bochao Zhao (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
14:55 Reduction of Interfacial Instabilities in Miscible Displacements in Subsurface Porous Media - Qingwang Yuan (Stanford University)   ()
15:13 Salinity Effects During Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Electrokinetic Control of Viscous Fingering - Mohammad Mirzadeh (MIT)   ()
15:31 --- Short Break ---
15:40 Non-modal growth of perturbations in miscible displacements with non-monotonic viscosity pro files - Dr Tapan Kumar Hota (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India)   ()
15:58 The effect of pore scale disorder on unstable multiphase flow at the pore scale. - Prof. Amir Riaz   ()
16:16 Viscous fingering and nonlinear waves in a Langmuir adsorbed solute - Chinar Rana   ()
16:34 --- Empty oral slot ---
16:52 Hydraulic Conductivity of Coarse Sand Affected by Trapped Air Bubbles - Mr Tomas Princ (Czech Technical University in Prague)   ()
16:55 Stabilizing Effect of Inertia on Viscous Fingering in Miscible Displacements in Porous Media - Dr Jinjie Wang (China University of Geosciences)   ()
16:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:01 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:04 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:07 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:10 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:13 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 5-B (until 17:15) ()
14:37 Capillary imbibition in wood governed by water adsorption in walls - Mr Philippe COUSSOT (univ. Paris-Est)   ()
14:55 TUNING PORE MORPHOLOGY AND FUNCTIONALITY IN SOFT POROUS MATERIALS - Daniel Grande (Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux Paris-Est)   ()
15:13 Origin of sorption hysteresis of micro-porous polymers: an explanation based on hydrogen bonds - Mingyang Chen (ETH Zurich)   ()
15:31 --- Short Break ---
15:40 First and second order transition during water adsorption in hemicellulose and its consequence on hygro-mechanical behavior - Chi Zhang (ETH Zurich)   ()
15:58 Kerogen flexibility, a key to understand hydrocarbon expulsion from shale reservoirs? - Dr Pierre-Louis Valdenaire (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MSE2 MIT-CNRS International Joint Unit)   ()
16:16 Hydrogen storage, adsorption induced deformation and the role of confinement dimensionality in CAU metal organic frameworks - Dr Margarita Russina (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin )   ()
16:34 In-situ control of soft adsorbents pore size for optimal separation properties - Nicolas Chanut (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
16:52 Mitigation of arsenic mass poisoning - Ian Griffiths (University of Oxford)   ()
16:55 Optimal non-woven filter media using multiscale simulations - Dr G. Printsypar (University of Oxford)   ()
16:58 Effect of Wearing in Impeller Blades of a Denver Flotation Cell on Hydrophobic Silica Flotation at Laboratory Scale - Mr Allan Gomez-Flores (Department of Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering, Chonbuk National University)   ()
17:01 Creep/swelling behavior of shale/clay: Discrete element modeling, based on Monte-Carlo technique - Dr Srutarshi Pradhan (Researcher, PoreLab, NTNU)   ()
17:04 Moisture-induced swelling of oil-painted linen canvas: experiments and modeling - Dominique Derome (Empa)   ()
17:07 Hydro-mechanical coupling of deformable porous solids with two immiscible phases - Dr Hiram Arroyo Chávez (Universidad de Guanajuato)   ()
17:10 Deforming unsaturated media: a unified approach - Jacques Huyghe (University of Limerick)   ()
17:13 Modeling Soil Water Retention Curve under Non-Isothermal Conditions - Farshid Vahedifard (Mississippi State University)   ()
Parallel 5-C (until 17:15) ()
14:37 Accurate Modelling of Counter-current Spontaneous Imbibition in 2D and 3D Geometries - Herwald Elder (Heriot-Watt University)   ()
14:55 Immiscible displacements in rough fracture: phase diagram and localized flow channel - Dr Dong-Sheng Wu (Wuhan University)   ()
15:13 Homogenization of a Stokes-Biot system modeling deformable fractured and vuggy porous media - Zhaoqin Huang (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
15:31 --- Short Break ---
15:40 Influence of threshold pressure on two-phase coupling flow - Dr Xie Haojun   ()
15:58 Dispersion in Hyperporous Fractures: Surface Properties and Scaling - Prof. Ilenia Battiato (Stanford University)   ()
16:16 Model-based interpretation of tracer tests in fractured limestone and clayey till - Dr Klaus Mosthaf (Technical University of Denmark)   ()
16:34 Investigating the influence of aperture variability on fracture surface area in enhanced geothermal reservoirs - Philipp Schädle (ETH Zürich)   ()
16:52 An improved formation heating model for steam injection with horizontal well in thin reservoirs - HE Congge   ()
16:55 Multiscale characterization of carbonate rock deformation induced by coupled chemo-mechanical processes during core flooding - Hongkyu Yoon (Sandia National Laboratories)   ()
16:58 A thermal-coupled model of hydraulic fracture propagation in deep reservoir - Mr Wenzheng Liu (Research Centre of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media , China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
17:01 New numerical simulation method for fractured cavern carbonate reservoir - Dr y zhang   ()
17:04 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:07 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:10 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:13 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 5-D (until 17:15) ()
14:37 Multi-Step Segmentation Protocol for Digital Rock Systems - Chaitanya Pradhan   ()
14:55 4D-µCT analysis through piecewise linear fitting - Marjolein Heyndrickx (Ghent University)   ()
15:13 Quantum-computational approach to discrete tomography for porous media - Daniel O'Malley (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
15:31 --- Short Break ---
15:40 Shape analysis for grains and pores on 3d digital images - Fabian Biebl (Math2Market)   ()
15:58 A multiscale segmentation strategy for low-resolution, whole-core computerized tomography images of carbonates - Prof. Maša Prodanović (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
16:16 Fast Evaluation of Rock Permeability from Images using Physics-Based Simulations and Machine Learning - Xiaolong Yin (Colorado School of Mines)   ()
16:34 --- Empty oral slot ---
16:52 Enhanced grain partitioning of microtomography segmented images - Nicholas Skrivanos (Louisiana State University Petroleum Engineering Department)   ()
16:55 --- Empty pitch slot ---
16:58 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:01 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:04 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:07 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:10 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:13 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 5-E (until 17:15) ()
14:37 Pore Structure Evaluation and Fluid Assessment for Permian Carynginia Shale - Ms Yujie Yuan (Department of Petroleum Engineering, Curtin University, Perth, Australia)   ()
14:55 Changing mechanical properties of nanomaterials by surface modification and the impact of capillarity - Jürgen Markmann (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht)   ()
15:13 Dissipative Particle Dynamics Based Mesoscale Modeling of Multiphase Flow in Reconstructed High-Resolution Nanoporous Shale Pore Networks - Dr Yidong Xia (Idaho National Laboratory)   ()
15:31 --- Short Break ---
15:40 Capillary-condensation-induced stress in complex multi-scale porous materials - Mr Edmond Zhou (MIT)   ()
15:58 Effects of Confinement and Surface Force on Methane Hydrate in Porous Media - Mr Dongliang Jin (CNRS and Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique (LIPHY), Universite Grenoble Alpes, F-38000 Grenoble, France)   ()
16:16 Porosity effects on phase diagram of gas condensate mixture - Dr Vasily Pisarev (Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS)   ()
16:34 Imbibition on the single-pore level: what happens in the absence of cooperative phenomena? - Prof. Martin Steinhart (Universität Osnabrück)   ()
16:52 Predictions of Solvation Pressure in Mesopores Based on Saam-Cole Theory - Ms Alina Emelianova (New Jersey Institute of Technology)   ()
16:55 Adsorption of small molecules in the intermediate structures of breathing MOF - Ms Justyna Rogacka (Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology, Group of Bioprocess and Biomedical Engineering)   ()
16:58 Characteristics and New Scaling for Forced Imbibition Based on Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements - Dr Yun Jiang (Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, PetroChina)   ()
17:01 Interaction of pentane and 2-pentanone with UiO-66(Zr) by solid-state NMR - Marc Wagemann (ITMC RWTH University)   ()
17:04 Monte Carlo simulation of argon adsorption in 3DOm carbon pores with potential based on spheres with openings - Mr Max Maximov (1 Otto H. York Department of Chemical, Biological, and Pharmaceutical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology)   ()
17:07 Oil/water two-phase slip flow in a random pore network of shale - Mr Ronghao Cui (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
17:10 Flow Model and Flow Equation of Shale Gas Based on Micro Flow Mechanism - Mr Hua-xun Liu (Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, China National Petroleum Corporation)   ()
17:13 A Molecular Dynamics Approach for Predicting the Glass Transition in pores - Ms Elena Kirova (HSE)   ()
Parallel 5-F (until 17:15) ()
14:37 Effect of retention sites toward silver nanoparticles immobilization in porous media - Ms Janis Patino (UC Davis)   ()
14:55 Melting temperatures and solubilities of congruently melting salt hydrates confined in nanoporous materials - Michael Steiger   ()
15:13 Tuned Nanoparticle Deposition In Porous Media To Improve Efficiency of Nanoremediation - Tiziana Tosco (DIATI, Politecnico di Torino)   ()
15:31 --- Short Break ---
15:40 Why different transport behaviors emerge among identical nano- and micro-particles in porous media when repulsion exists - William Johnson (University of Utah)   ()
15:58 Interfacial Processes Control Microbial Contamination and Cleaning of Fresh Produce - Yan Jin (University of Delaware)   ()
16:16 Comparison of Types of Nanoscale Heterogeneity on Colloid Retention and Release at Interfaces - Scott Bradford (USDA ARS)   ()
16:34 Nanoparticle heterogeneous adsorption in porous media - Gaétan Gerber (ENPC - Harvard SEAS)   ()
16:52 A Sorption Based Study on the Effect of Supercritical CO2 Interaction with Clay and Organic-Rich Shales - Ms Yijia Zhang (Colorado School of Mines )   ()
16:55 Analysis of the pressure and productivity characteristics for horizontal fractured well in the tight reservoir based on the three-zones model - Dr Jia Deng (Zhengzhou University)   ()
16:58 Laboratory Evaluations of Fiber-Based Treatment for In-Depth Profile Control - Mr Hanxu Yang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing)   ()
17:01 Design Pattern Enabling the Flexible Integration of Effects into a Basis Flow Model - Tatiana Reiche   ()
17:04 Implicit Hybrid Upwinding for Multiphase Flow and Transport with Buoyancy and Capillary Pressure - Dr Bradley Mallison (Chevron)   ()
17:07 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:10 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:13 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 5-G (until 17:15) ()
14:37 Flow of Yield Stress and Carreau fluids through Rough-Walled Rock Fractures and Packed Beads: prediction and experiments - Antonio Rodríguez de Castro (Arts et Métiers ParisTech)   ()
14:55 A new approach for linear rheological characterization and modeling of viscoelastic surfactant systems under shear components in porous media - Brayan F. Garcia (University of Wyoming)   ()
15:13 --- Empty oral slot ---
15:31 --- Short Break ---
15:40 Flow Behavior of Sheared Foam in Porous Media: An Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Stabilizing Agents and Oil Presence - Ms Ying Yu (University of Wyoming)   ()
15:58 Pore-scale Experimental Investigation of Displacement Mechanisms during Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Natural Porous Media - Abdelhalim Mohamed (uwyo)   ()
16:16 --- Empty oral slot ---
16:34 Brine-Oil Interfacial Rheological Response to Adjusted Water Chemistry in Berea Sandstone at High Temperature - Mrs Kelly Meyers (University of Wyoming)   ()
16:52 Effect of select naphthenic acids on oil-water interfacial dynamics - Ms Teresa Reilly (University of Wyoming)   ()
16:55 The Formation of Microemulsion at Flow Conditions in Rock - Dr Steffen Berg (Shell Global Solutions International B.V.)   ()
16:58 CO2 Foam Displacement Behavior in a Water/Oil Saturated Homogeneous Porous Media - Dr Dongxing Du (Qingdao University of Science and Technology)   ()
17:01 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:04 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:07 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:10 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:13 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Parallel 5-H (until 17:15) ()
14:37 Fluid-solid reaction in single and multiphase flows by geo-material microfluidics - Joaquin Jimenez-Martinez (EAWAG-ETHZ)   ()
14:55 Precipitation and dissolution of cement minerals in sandstone: Opportunities and limitations of pore and plug scale flow analysis for reactive transport modelling approaches - Cornelius Fischer (HZDR)   ()
15:13 Multiscale Calculation of Two-phase Flow in Digital Core Analysis - Dr Xiaobo Nie (Ingrain, A Halliburton Service)   ()
15:31 --- Short Break ---
15:40 Studying the impact of electrode pore structure on redox flow battery performance with multiphysics pore network modeling - Dr Jeff Thomas Gostick (University of Waterloo)   ()
15:58 Direct pore-scale modeling of thermal dispersion in granular porous media: the effect of medium heterogeneity - Saied Afshari (University of Calgary)   ()
16:16 Multi-scale modeling of coupled diffusion-electrochemical reaction for porous micro-electrodes incorporating enzymatic catalysis - Didier Lasseux (I2M Bordeaux)   ()
16:34 --- Empty oral slot ---
16:52 Stable and efficient time integration at low capillary numbers of a dynamic pore network model for immiscible two-phase flow in porous media - Magnus Aa. Gjennestad (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)   ()
16:55 Improving the Monte Carlo algorithm for pore-network simulations of immiscible two-phase flow in porous media - Dr Santanu Sinha (Beijing Computational Science Research Center)   ()
16:58 Investigation of mineralogical heterogeneity in chemical dissolution of sandstones - Min Liu   ()
17:01 Tracer Transport Characterization of Interactions Between Resident and Infiltrating Water During Drainage-Imbibition Cycles - Mr Pei Li   ()
17:04 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:07 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:10 --- Empty pitch slot ---
17:13 --- Empty pitch slot ---
Poster 2 (until 18:45) ()
17:15 Slow Redistribution of Capillary Trapped Gas in Heterogeneous Porous Medium - Tomas Princ (Czech Technical Univerzity in Prague)   ()
17:15 Study of Gas Production from Shale Reservoirs with Multi-stage Hydraulic Fracturing Horizontal Well considering Multiple Transport Mechanisms - Dr Chaohua Guo (Dapartment of Petroleum Engineering)   ()
17:15 Viscous fingering with partially miscible fluids - Xiaojing Fu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
17:30 Comparison of Model Approaches for Gas Transport in Compacted Bentonite: A Current Task in the International DECOVALEX Project - Dr Jens Birkholzer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
17:45 Interfacial Impacts on Slickwater Imbibition and Gas Production in the Marcellus Shale - Andres Clarens (University of Virginia)   ()
18:00 Multi-component diffusion in a coupled free-flow porous-medium system - Katharina Heck (University Stuttgart)   ()
Poster 2 (until 18:45) ()
17:15 DLVO Interaction Energies between Hollow Spherical Particles and Collector Surfaces - Chongyang Shen (China Agricultural University)   ()
17:15 Mathematical modeling of BTEX concentrations on the unsaturated zone using a simple finite differences model: evaluation of the mass distribution between phases - Dr JAVIER RODRIGO-ILARRI (UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA VALENCIA)   ()
17:15 PVDF hollow fiber membraneswith different morphologies in direct-contact membrane distillation - Prof. Peng Yuelian   ()
17:30 DEM-CFD coupling for the simulation of filter cake formed due to poly-dispersed particles. - Mr Oleg Illiev (Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany )   ()
17:45 Field-scale modelling of nanoparticle injection and transport for nanoremediation design and particle fate assessment - Tiziana Tosco (DIATI, Politecnico di Torino)   ()
Poster 2 (until 18:45) ()
17:15 Benchmark Analytical Solutions to Advection-Dispersion in Discrete Fractures Coupled with Multirate Diffusion in Matrix Blocks of Varying Shapes and Sizes - Quanlin ZHOU (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
17:30 Upscaling of mass transfer in field-scale discrete fracture networks using fractional-derivative models - Dr Donald Reeves (Western Michigan University)   ()
17:45 Direct inversion for joint parameter and boundary conditions estimation for fractured aquifer - Prof. Ye Zhang (University of Wyoming)   ()
18:00 Fast large-scale joint inversion for deep aquifer characterization using pressure and heat tracer measurements - Jonghyun Lee (University of Hawaii at Manoa)   ()
18:15 A comprehensive simulation model for solvent-aided thermal recovery of heavy oil and bitumen—Analyzing the impact of diverse factors on productivity and product selectivity - Dr Kyung Jae Lee (University of Houston)   ()
18:30 Development of Embedded Discrete Multi-Fractures Model for Simulation of Fractured Reservoirs - Mr Renjie SHAO (Peking University)   ()
18:30 Direction Dependency of Relative Permeability for Oil-Water Two Phase Flow in Vugular Porous Medium - Mr Shihan SONG (Peking University)   ()
18:30 Influence on Oil-water Flow Mechanism with Hydraulic Fracture Existed in Low-permeability Reservoir - Mr Mingjing Lu (China University of Petroleum(East China))   ()
18:30 NMR study on multi-layer waterflooding of middle-east low permeability carbonate reservoirs - Mr Xingwang Shi (Institute of Porous Flow and Fluid Mechanics, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development)   ()
18:30 Numerical Simulation of Shale gas reservoirs with embedded DFN model - Mengyin Liang (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
18:30 Study on water flooding seepage regularity of low permeability carbonate reservoir —Taking Middle East H oilfield as an example - Mrs yapu zhang   ()
Poster 2 (until 18:45) ()
17:15 Automated high accuracy, rapid beam hardening correction in X-Ray Computed Tomography of multi-mineral, heterogeneous core samples - Dr Carla Romano (University of Strathclyde)   ()
17:15 Digital Rocks Portal: Curation, Visualization and Analysis of Imaged Porous Materials - Masa Prodanovic (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
17:15 Multi-scale pore imaging techniques to characterise heterogeneity effects on flow and transport in complex carbonate rock - Dr Saurabh Shah (Imperial College London)   ()
17:15 Single-scale heterogeneous pore network modelling with microporosity upscaling. - Mr Nijat Hakimov (University of Kansas)   ()
17:30 Multi-scale analysis on coal permeability using the Lattice Boltzmann Method - Dr Yanlong Zhao (China University of Petroleum, Beijing,)   ()
18:00 Microstructural characterization via Minkowski-functional-based global descriptors - Willi Pabst (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague)   ()
Poster 2 (until 18:45) ()
17:15 A Model for Gas Transport in Inorganic Nanopores of Shale Gas Reservoirs - Ms Shan Wang   ()
17:15 Direct simulation of permeability including Klinkenberg effect - Bernd Crouse (Exa Corporation)   ()
17:15 Doping SBA-15 with Nickel Oxide by Freeze-Drying Impregnation - Prof. Gerhard Findenegg (Technical University Berlin)   ()
17:15 Spectral induced polarization of concrete. Influence of the electrical double layer and pore size - Philippe Leroy (BRGM)   ()
17:15 The transport behavior of the hydraulic fracturing fluid in organic-rich nanoporous shale: A generalized lattice Boltzmann method - Dr Tao Zhang (China University of Petroleum)   ()
17:30 Soft fillings in nanoporous solids: Electro-polymerization and mechanical characterization of polypyrrole in nanoporous silicon - Patrick Huber (Hamburg University of Technology)   ()
17:45 A ferroelectric liquid crystal confined in cylindrical nanopores: Reversible smectic layer buckling, enhanced light rotation and extremely fast electro-optically active Goldstone excitations - Patrick Huber (Hamburg University of Technology)   ()
18:00 Synthesis and characterisation of B-substituted nanoporous carbons with high energy of hydrogen adsorption. - Ms Katarzyna Walczak (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, University of Montpellier, France)   ()
Poster 2 (until 18:45) ()
17:15 A Transient Productivity Model of Multi-stage Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Based on the Continuous Succession Pseudo-steady State Method - Mr Fanhui Zeng (Southwest Petroleum University)   ()
17:15 Efficient Nonlinear Gauss-Seidel Type Solvers for Black-Oil Type Models - Øystein Klemetsdal (NTNU)   ()
17:15 High-Resolution Monitoring of Nanoparticle Transport Behavior in Multi-Phase Saturated Porous Media: Experimental Study - Prof. Steven Bryant (Professor)   ()
17:15 Modeling and Evaluation on particle transportation performance in the pore throat of reservoirs - Dr Lifei Dong (Sinopec JiangHan Oilfield Company)   ()
17:15 The gas mass transport model considering the dynamic change of micro-fracture width in shale - Prof. FANHUI ZENG (Southwest Petroleum University)   ()
18:30 3D Reconstruction and permeability calculation from 2D thin sections - Yuqi Wu (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
18:30 A New Method to Establish A Full Scale Diagram For Unconventional Oil Reservoir - Taiyi Zheng ( Institute of Porous Flow and Fluid Mechanics)   ()
18:30 A Novel Mehtod to Correct Steady-State Relative Permeability for Capillary End-Effects Based on Simulation Approach - Dr Shiyuan Zhan (School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
18:30 A numerical simulation study on the hydraulic fracture propagation in heavy oil reservoir with the THM coupling - Qiang Wang   ()
18:30 An analytical model of apparent permeability for shale gas reservoir considering characteristics of nanopore distribution - Mr Xieyang Pu (Sinopec & Southwest Petroleum University)   ()
18:30 Characteristic of Coal Pore Structure and Its Relationship with Sedimentary Environment in Hegang Basin - Mrs cui Mao   ()
18:30 Characteristics of Remaining Oil Micro⁃Distribution in Laojunmiao Oilfield after Waterflooding - Mr Guoqiang Sang   ()
18:30 Micro-scale effect of CO2 diffusion on two-phase flow in dual-porosity of tight oil reservoirs - Mr Shouya Wu (School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
18:30 Numerical Modelling of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery under the Effect of Environment - Mr Ma Yuandong   ()
18:30 One-Dimensional Transient Inter-Porosity Flow Model in Tight Porous Media with Consideration of Fracture Pressure Depletion - Shan Huang (China University of Petroleum-Beijing)   ()
18:30 Petrographic characterization of low-permeable to tight turbidite sandstone from Eocene Shahejie Formation using micro-CT. - Mr Yuqi Wu (China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
18:30 Physical simulation experiment of different injected media huff and puff for tight porous media - Dr Xiangyang Wang (Institute of Porous Flow and Fluid Mechanics,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
18:30 Productivity forecast model of vertical hydraulic fracturing well with varying conductivity in tight oil reservoir - Dr Mingyu Cai (School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China))   ()
18:30 Study on the Ultrasonic Propagation Law in Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow of Deep-Water Riser Annulus - Yuqiang Xu (China university of petroleum (East China))   ()
Poster 2 (until 18:45) ()
17:15 A pore-scale study of viscoelastic surfactant flow through porous media - Brayan F. Garcia (University of Wyoming )   ()
17:15 Design of Large-Scale Physical Simulation Model for Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flooding - Hanxu Yang   ()
17:15 Main controlling factors and development strategy of heterogeneity in platform carbonate reservoirs - Yichang Yu   ()
17:15 Semi-analytically derived flow-rate/pressure drop relationships for the flow of yield stress fluids through rectilinear pipes of non-circular cross-sections. - Prof. Azita AHMADI-SENICHAULT (Professor, University of Bordeaux-FRANCE)   ()
17:15 Using Lattice Boltzmann Method to Study Polymer Viscoelasticity Effect for Polymer Flooding - Dr weirong li (Peking University)   ()
17:30 Nanoparticle heterogeneous adsorption in porous media - Gaétan Gerber (ENPC - Harvard SEAS)   ()
17:45 Analysis of flow behavior for a well with a vertical fracture at an arbitrary azimuth in a rectangular anisotropic reservoir - Mr Guoqiang Xing (Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina)   ()
18:15 Nonlinear finite-volume schemes for complex flow processes and challenging grids - Mr Martin Schneider (University of Stuttgart)   ()
18:30 Numerical Simulation Study on Pore Scale Seepage of Porous Media Based on Finite Volume Method - Ms Shuo Wen (Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Engineering)   ()
18:30 Optimization Method Research of Multi-stage Polymer Flooding - Shuaishi Fu   ()
Poster 2 (until 18:45) ()
17:15 Multiphase micro-continuum models: an hybrid-scale approach - Cyprien Soulaine (Stanford University)   ()
17:15 Pore scale modeling of acoustic events - Abhishek Agrawal   ()
17:15 Quantifying Dual Porosity Flow and Contaminant Transport Processes Using an Integrated Pore-Scale Network Modeling Approach - Enno de Vries (Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University, Netherlands)   ()
17:30 Characterization of modified nanoscale zero-valent iron particles transport through sandstones by nuclear magnetic resonance - Qian Zhang   ()
17:45 Fluid Flow Property Estimation Using a Pore Network Modeling Approach - Edgar G. Martínez-Mendoza (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)   ()
18:00 Reactive Transport Modelling on the Drill Core Scale, Parameterized by GeoPET/µCT Process Tomography - Cornelius Fischer (HZDR)   ()
18:30 A New Dynamic Single-Pressure Network Model: Experimental Comparisons and Calibrations. - Mr Morten Vassvik (Department of Physics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology)   ()
18:30 A random connection model for pore network modeling - Ana T. Mendoza-Rosas (CONACYT-Centro de Ingeniería y Desarrollo Industrial)   ()
18:30 Droplet Flow Regimes in a T-Section Microchannel: Assessment of Volume of Fluid Formulations - Dr Florian Doster (Heriot-Watt University)   ()
18:30 Evaluation of a Proposed Workflow for Digital Petrophysics of Coquinas Involving Experimental Data and 3D Digital Models Using PNM- and FEM-Based Simulations - Enno de Vries (Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University)   ()